If you haven't figured it out by now, I guess I just have to say it. I am a Christian. 

Not the fancy, self-righteous, dresses-up-on-Sundays, looks-down-her-nose-all-days, perfect kind. 

Not the shout-it-from-the- rooftops, "Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!" exclaiming, back slapping, end-times-are-coming, doomsday kind. 

More of the messy, sobbing, goofy, tripping-up-all-the-time, full-of-her-own issues kind.  I want to be more open about it.  I wish I did more about it.  But, until then... I blog about it. 

Here are all the posts I have written where God has been working in me.  Sometimes I am laughing when I am writing, but usually I am crying.  Not sad tears.  Usually repentant tears.  God knows I am a work in progress.  And He also knows, I will never be perfect on my own.  The beauty of my faith is being able to rest in the knowledge that I am made perfect in Christ!

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