Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thursday Thursday

One of my favorite nights of the week is Thursday.  Not because it is relaxing or there isn't anything going on.  In fact, it might be the most hectic and latest night of my week.  Thursday night is the night that Jason and I go to bible study.  He goes to men's group, and I go to women's group.  We smooch in the gym and head into our separate classes.  I look forward to the class because of the opportunity to fellowship and pray with women who love God and want to be closer to Him.  I have grown so much because of that time, even though I must admit that most weeks I have to say, 'Um, no...' when Lucy asks if we finished our chapter.  Even when we did the Beth Moore study on Esther (phenomenal!) I didn't always keep up.  Some nights we pray and cry out to God longer than we spend in the book and other nights we dig straight into discussion of the chapter and the topic.  God has put some amazing women in my life, with such wonderful stories and experiences that do nothing but glorify His love and mercy. 
I can't say I don't dread the hectic pre-bible study part of the evening when I am racing home from work to frantically throw dinner on the table, shovel down some food and herd the kids back out the door to Grandma's so that Jason and I can race back into town to get to the church on time.  We live 20 minutes out of town, and I work an hour away from home, so I think I spend about 3 hours in the car on Thursdays. 
But the best part of Thursday is the car time with Jason.  We jokingly call it our 'night out' because we get an hour in the car together.  Okay, two approximately 25 minute segments in the car together.  For two full time working parents with three kids under the age of 7, this is a little slice of heaven.  Especially when I have commented more than once on various road trips that we should invest in limo-glass.  Soundproof limo glass.  If we don't want to talk, we have silence.  And if we do, we can have a conversation that isn't interrupted by high pitched squealing or "Mommy, mommmy, mooooom, momommomomomomm, MOM!" 
We have used this time to have some of the best conversations of our marriage.  Fresh from the release of our burdens at bible study and new insights from our fellowship, both Jason and I have had deep and honest talks about where we are headed and how we want our life and marriage to improve and grow.
It's Wednesday night.  I haven't opened my book yet this week (but I will).  My dishes are a night behind.  The laundry isn't all put away.  I have a roast defrosting for a crockpot dinner tomorrow night.  Jason and I have spent the past two nights practically passing each other on our way in or out the door.  I am so ready for two almost 25 minute conversations with my hubby. 

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