Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grumbly Grump

So, Grumble Hallelujah could not have come for a better time than this.  For some reason, I have been super grouchy these days.  None of my reasons are truly valid in the grand scheme of things.  I am sleep-deprived (my fault for staying up late reading or on the computer).  Work is crazy.  I am leading another kid's class at church because no one else will step up and do it (yes, if you can't sense the irritation in my voice.... I am pretty irritated), which means 3 nights a week we aren't even home until after 8 (kids' bedtime).  My house is a pigsty.  My weekend is already full.  I am a hunting "widow".  I don't necessarily like that term, but that's what we call it around here. 
So add it all up and you have one snappy mom who is barely grumbling her hallelujahs... Which is so lame because my life is so good!
Well last night I ditched on meeting my husband out at elk camp because I knew I had packing and house cleaning to do.  While I was cleaning I found cobwebs in my house that I didn't even know existed, and not just wussy, one-string cobwebs.  These were very well-developed city-ish cobwebs.  These spiders had moved in big time.  They had developed real estate. 
While I was vacuuming them up, I started thinking about the cobwebs that I had allowed in my life.  Things I had let slide over the summer, like Bible reading, had all but disappeared... Covered in cobwebs and grumpiness.  When you aren't consistent in inviting God into your day everyday, it becomes easier and easier to put Him off.  What bugs me one day, after a while I forget about... Soon I don't even notice that it has been covered up by the cobwebs of life.  Just like the corners of my house. 
When God wants to talk to you, He will use anything... Even your messy house.  Looks like my life needs a little fall cleaning, too!

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