Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hot Chocolate GIVEAWAY!!

Who wants chocolate?  Or, a more important question...

Who wants to run for chocolate?

I know I do.  March is coming up fast, and I'm registered... my hubby is registered... so is my 10-year-old!  The Hot Chocolate race is one of my all-time favorites... if I haven't said that enough, click here and here.

If I have said that enough and you know about the run, or you've read the website info or race reviews on Gametiime and you REALLY want to run for chocolate, then you should!  

And you don't even have to be a runner.  If you can walk, jog, or crawl a 15 minute mile, you're golden. Although I don't think they encourage crawling... in fact, I wouldn't recommend it either.

Not only am I excited because the race is almost here... I'm a little giddy because I can help make someone's dream of running a Hot Chocolate race come true!  RAM Racing has generously donated a race entry for me to give away!  I've never had a giveaway before, so I'm nervous.

Without further ado, here is the giveaway information. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Once the giveaway ends, I will announce the winner on Facebook and Twitter.  Please get a hold of me right away with your email address.  I will email you the code for the Seattle race, but the folks at RAM Racing are so awesome, that they will get the winner a code for a free entry to a city of their choice if Seattle is too far, too cold, too hilly....

You can't beat that!!

So, hurry!  Enter!  Tell your friends!  Start that C25K!  Or scale back and just run 3.1.  Either way, there's chocolate at the end.


  1. I love running! If you're talking about my favorite race, it was definitely the Hershey 10k! There was a ton of chocolate at that race as well :)

    1. That one sounds fun! In PA? Go to hotchocolate15k.com and check it out!