Friday, January 3, 2014

Hot Chocolate Anticipation!

In less than two months, my hubby, my son, and a whole bundle of Forks folks will be in Seattle running the Hot Chocolate 5k.  My goal had been the 15k this year, but when my son said he wanted to run with me, I couldn't help but change my mind.  One of my favorite things about running is watching my kids get excited about it.  The transition from pushing them in the stroller to having them run alongside me is pretty awesome.
Back to one of my favorite 5ks.  I am getting super excited.

For one, I get a second Hot Chocolate sweatshirt.  My grey and orange one is still is really good shape.  I'm a run shirt wearing nerd, and I can't wait to add this to my wardrobe rotation.

2013 HC this is your goodie bag_WITH sizing chart
I stole that picture straight from the Hot Chocolate website. 

For two, we get to hang out at the Space Needle/Science Center the night before.  Last year we watched Jack the Giant Slayer on IMAX... it was so cool!  Since we will have Connor with us, and potentially be hanging out with two or three more of his friends and their parents, we will most likely check out the Science Center or the EMP.  I'm geeking out just thinking about it.

For three, I'm helping out Ronald McDonald House .  Even in the small town I am from, I personally know too many families who have needed the support of RMHC while they sought medical help for their child. Having housing and support during that time made all the difference.  I want to help keep that going, especially if it's by running!  I get all weepy thinking about it, so I am going to change the subject.

For four, chocolate!!  If that isn't self explanatory, I don't know what is.

So, if you live close enough to get to Seattle on March 2, or if you have a great travel budget for worthwhile races... I highly suggest the Hot Chocolate.  We will be driving four hours to get there... if that gives you any perspective.

I also have a code if you are running in Seattly and want to take advantage.  Entering WOMANINMUG at when you register adds a travel mug to your goodie bag. The sweatshirts are awesome, so I can only imagine how cool the mugs will be.  Oh... and, this is a pretty affordable run.  Through February 16, the 5k is only $44.00!  If you still aren't sure... check out their Facebook page.  Maybe you will find a race closer to you!


  1. I want to try this race next time !:)

    1. It is so much fun! Not too late for Seattle... ;)