Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekly Running Plan

I haven't planned out my runs in a very long time.  Even when I was training for the NODM the first half of this year, I didn't write down what I should have been running.  

Since I have downloaded the Run4Good app and plan to enter Another Mother Runner's challenge for October runs, I'd better stay on my game.  

Sunday:  No run.  Stack firewood and do farm chores.
Monday:  2 miles, tempo
Tuesday:  3 miles and 20 sets of stadium stairs
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3 miles, slow and steady
Friday: 2 miles tempo, 40 sets of stadium stairs 
Saturday: Rest

The boys practice football T, Th, Fri.  Monday is a crockpot dinner, so I can run really quick before we eat.

Friday might be crazy.  My sister is getting married Saturday, and I am doing the cake.  

Who am I kidding?  The whole week is going to be crazy.  What better time to start a running plan?


  1. I wish you the best of luck! It's important to take time for you. Taking time to make sure you are healthy and well is one of the best gifts you can give yourself! You rock!

    1. Thank you! Today I was sore from stacking firewood, so I didn't run. But the hubs and I are getting up to do a Jillian video. :)