Monday, November 12, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

It has been a while since I've done a Meal Plan Monday post.  We've managed to survive not having meals planned out on the calendar, but it got a little hectic... and we ended up buying pizza a few times. Boo.

Tonight we had awesome tuna salad on fresh baked rolls with homemade pickled asparagus and end-of-garden pickles.  I was super lazy and made everyone use napkins instead of plates.  I thanked myself when I did dishes tonight.

I made tuna a la my grandpa Emmett, with pickles, onions and celery... sans pepper since I strongly dislike pepper.  I added garlic powder, seasoning salt, chives and parsley.  I also used half mayo/half ranch because Jason doesn't like mayo.  Dinner was a hit.  The best part was that most of our dinner was home canned or home grown.  Those are my favorite dinners.

Tuesday will be Sloppy Joes on the bread that flopped since I didn't know Jason turned off the oven after my first batch of rolls.  The kids call it Joe on a Shingle (there are other terms, but we don't use those words in our home).  We'll have peas and kohlrabi on the side.

Wednesday is Missionettes and Royal Rangers (they are combined this year and it is AWESOME... for the family, for my sanity, etc.) so we are at the church.  We will probably have dinner at Great-Grandma's, so I'll do a crock pot chicken and ask her to make rice or pasta and some veggies.

Thursday is Connor's football banquet.  The season is over (YAY!).  I only have to make a dessert (double YAY!).

If you'll read a previous post, you'll know how much I was dreading sports.  But I actually had some fun... and I made a new running buddy/friend this year.  We ran together almost every practice, we ran a 5k, and we are still going strong.  So that has been a great perk for me.

Connor's team had an undefeated year.  He doesn't know what it's like to lose a game... but he said that he knows when it does happen, "it's going to suck."  His words... and I agreed.  Next year both the boys will play.  But I'm not quite as set against it as I was before.  Especially now that I have my running buddy!

Oh, back to the plan.  Friday is my Missionette's leaders sleepover.  It is SO MUCH FUN!  So I don't care what my family eats... not true.  I'll pull a casserole out of the freezer or let them order pizza.  Whatever.

Not sure what the weekend will bring... but that's okay!

(Oh, and isn't that boy handsome?)

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