Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cupcake Classic in Forks, WA!

This past week I ran, what I currently think is, my favorite 5k of all time.  Jess at Run With Jess puts on a virtual race called the Cupcake Classic.  Who wouldn't run for cupcakes?  I only wish I lived in Illinois so that I could join her actual race and eat a scrumptious cupcake at the end.

But the way that this race works is you sign up and commit to running or walking 3.1 miles at some point during the week.  Then you submit your time and a photo to be entered in the drawing. Jess has awesome prizes and great t-shirts and bling for those who signed up early enough to get in on the sweet deals.  I missed all that, and I didn't run until almost the very end of the week... but it doesn't matter.  I had until today, and I got it all done!

So, most of my friends who run don't live in the same town as I do.  And the one who does runs WAY faster and is really busy, so I didn't even bother to invite her.  Then, my friend who makes AMAZING cupcakes said no and laughed at me.... so I had to keep asking.  Finally, I roped in a friend who has just barely started running.  She runs with me on the evenings that our boys are at football practice.  We have worked from walking and jogging segments of the track to running miles at a time.  She was super nervous about even joining a virtual race, and I was worried she was going to hate me when I pulled out safety pins and paper race bibs.... but we made it through!  We'll call her Annie, and I don't have permission to post her photo, but I want to assure you that I did run this race with someone, and she killed my first ever 5k time.   My first "official" 5k ever was Alki Beach in Seattle in 2010.  I ran it in 36:29.  Since then, I've taken almost 6 minutes off my own time.  My 5k PR is 30:33.  I think if I really pushed myself, I could be a little faster.... but I kind of like slow and steady.  Okay, I'm digressing....

Our Cupcake Classic was slow and steady.  We chatted and laughed.  It was near perfect weather (much better than our run the day before in the POURING rain).  We ran through the town of Forks, twice.  Only stopping at the one stoplight.  Annie has faced her fears of running in general, running in front of people (lots of them), and joining a race.  She's way stronger than she thinks she is, and I was so proud of her when we ran to our finish line (we couldn't run "through" it, because it was a stop sign entering the highway).  We celebrated by taking our pictures in front of the "Welcome to Forks" sign (something thousands of Twilighters have already done) and taking my daughter out for a cupcake.

Here are some pictures to prove that I took pictures.  I wasn't able to find a photographer for in motion pictures.... maybe next year!  Because I'll most definitely be running this race again!


  1. I love the idea of a virtual race! And I especially love the idea of a cupcake at the end! Adorable daughter, by the way.

  2. Next time you do a cupcake race invite me... I don't run but I sure would for a cupcake!!!