Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weighing Out

We weighed out today... out of the weight loss challenge that we signed up for in January.  So - in three months, Jason and I lost more than the weight of Leilee!  A total of just over 39 pounds.  Jason took up the slack, losing 25.  I lost 14.  We were so stoked.  Neither of us thought that we would be able to lose that much weight in 3 months... but we did!  And then we splurged like maniacs today.  Eggs, cheese, chocolate pastries, coffee with cream and honey, ice cream, steak, mashed potatoes with feta.... we feel so gross and delicious today.  And already so excited and relieved to run and eat healthier tomorrow!

My current joke is that I am one stomach flu away from my goal weight.  I even wrote that on my "story" that they asked us to write for the challenge.  And then I wrote, in parentheses, 'just kidding, please do not print!'  It is such a good feeling to be able to button pants that I haven't been able to get into in 5 years (and such a good feeling to be justified in keeping them around for that long!).  I am also almost comfortably in my college/pre-Connor pants!  I had honestly almost given up hope.

We didn't do anything fancy to lose weight.  We just watched calories and got back into running.  I also did my best to not eat after 8 p.m.  I am a bad late-night snacker... so unless I have "earned" it (through working out... not having a bad day), I don't get it.  I know the Daniel Fast helped a lot too, even though I did my best to not let my desire to lose weight deter me from the real reason that we were fasting.

So - I am still high on motivation and the great number that popped up after the fancy digital scale beeped this morning.  Tomorrow is a 7 mile sloooooooow run.  Tonight I signed up for two half marathons and a 10k between April and September. I have another definite half and 10k left to register for in the next few weeks.  I am keeping the weight off this time, even if I have to out-run it!

What a great way to end the month of March!  It has been a great month, in all sorts of ways.  As far as blogging, I have slacked a lot on actually writing long, meaningful blog posts.  But I have kept up.  31/31.  All on time, except for the day I blanked out... Tomorrow I get to decide about another NaBloPoMo... maybe I'll think about it on my slow run.

In April, in addition to the things I already don't keep up on (like laundry, dishes, bills, etc) we have chickens hatching, piles (and piles) of branches and stumps to chip, a garden to get ready, plants to start, a chicken coop to build, a half marathon to run (and keep training for), spring break, and a far away baby shower for a best friend.  These are all great and exciting things... that I am mostly totally looking forward too.  The decision is whether or not I should add blogging daily to that list again.  The overachiever in me wants to.  The procrastinator in me is screaming... "noooooo, think about it tomorrowwwww, but noooooooooo!"  So tomorrow it is.  Tomorrow I will weight my options.  Quality versus quantity.  Consistent versus haphazard.  Lighter load versus heavier load.

All while I beam about being a load lighter myself...


  1. Woo! Congrats! Have fun on your long run this morning!

  2. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Well done, Nicole! That is awesome! congratulations. (: I can imagine how good you must feel!

  3. I can really connect with your post ! Although I am not into any weight loss journey, of late, I have become a careful eater to keep myself healthy. I am also doing a lot of housework so that I do not put on the weight that I had put on 2 years back ! You can visit my blog if you want to , I write about my life in general and sometimes do posts on fsahion too,
    Take care,

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! The NaBloPoMo thing is hard for me. I try to write everyday, but don't want to feel guilty when I don't. Good luck with that!

  5. I admire your determination and wish I had a teeny bit of it. :)

  6. Yay!!! Congrats to you both!!!