Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

Jason and I decided, on a last minute whim (which is how we usually decide most things) to sign up for a local weight loss challenge.  We have both done versions of Biggest Loser at work in the last 12 months.  Sadly, some of those pounds have snuck back up on us.  So, we dropped the kids off with Grandma and raced in to sign up Saturday morning.  Literally, at the last minute.  Thankfully, the newspaper had printed the end time incorrectly, which gave them an additional two hours to be there for all the lasties like us.  This challenge ends March 31.  Expect to hear random updates or complaining about how hungry or sore I am.  If I can lose 2% of body weight, I at least get a t-shirt.  My goal is at least 7%, since that's what I lost for our challenge at work.  And truth be told, I didn't try that hard.

Then, we dawdled and bought fresh herbs and compost activator and some new fish and Christmas wrapping paper for 75% off (score!).  We ate low-fat Subway sandwiches and headed home to pick up the kiddos.

Saturday night, we made applesauce.  We had a great processing line.  Grady peeled stickers off.  Leilee handed apples to Connor, who washed.  Jason chopped and I started them boiling.  We canned 9 quarts.  So nice to have homemade applesauce again!  In between processing times, both Jason and I ran on the treadmill.  Off to a good start!

Today was church, of course.  And then I canned 5 tiny jars of hot peppers for Jason.  We have this cool pepper plant that lives indoors and just keeps popping them out.  So I pick them and pickle them.  I haven't ever picked a peck yet though... not entirely sure what a peck is, just know I haven't picked it.  I also made 17 pints of pickled carrots.  I made end of the garden pickles this fall, and now I am hooked on pickling.  On a whim (of course) last weekend, I bought a ten pound bag of carrots.  Pickled carrots are so good!  I never would have guessed until I had one from the EOG jar.  Yum. 

Here's a picture just for fun.

Once all the pickles were done, I made a quick chicken pesto pizza for everyone.  No special treatment (Grady usually complains about anything but cheese).  It really was quick.  I had a pre-made crust, stuff for pesto, already cooked chicken.  I just threw it all together.  And the part that made me really happy was that Grady liked it!  I even snuck spinach and broccoli on there.  Heehee. 

Then I got to go run again!  I am finally back to the point where I look forward to it.  I know I will go through my funks... but for right now, I am feeling really motivated.  I'm also running pretty slow and sticking with short distances.  I am so not where I was in August... :(  Oh well.  There's no easy way back.  Tonight was just over 2 miles.  See, easy!  And my feet and legs are so happy with my Vibrams

That's my weekend recap.  Our weekends are starting to fill up really fast again, and I wanted to record the mostly stay at home simplicity of this one.  Keeping some perspective (wink).  What did everyone else do? 


  1. My weekend was unproductive for the most part which was nice. I love the fact that you can stuff. I've been curious about that for awhile. I've read about a couple different pickling recipes and different techniques for fruits and veggies. But never have just dove into it. What pickling recipe do you use? Good luck with your Challenge!!

  2. I would love to learn how to can. my mother-in-law tried to teach me once. I wasn't a very good student. I also am beginning my own weight loss challenge . . . tomorrow . . . i think . . . if i can motivate myself :) Good luck!

  3. @ Taylor - The great thing about pickling is that it is just a water bath... Way easier than pressure cooking! I never totally follow a recipe. But I use the Ball canning book. And I raw pack all my pickles...keeps them crunchier.
    @ Judy - You can do it! The myfitnesspal app or
    .com helps a lot!

  4. I love myfitnesspal app! :) I keep telling everyone about it! :) I'll try and find the Ball canning book. I don't have any way to do any of this right now, but I enjoy learning and the anticipation of the day I can give it a go!