Thursday, February 16, 2012

Running Update: Angry Calves

My calves hurt. That’s all I can think about. Between Jillian and my two 15 oz. can of queso “weights” on Monday night and running up and down the village in my Vibrams at lunch yesterday, it’s a wonder I can even walk. Yes, I am being dramatic and somewhat of a wuss. The great thing about this pain though, is that I was looking back through all my draft posts that I needed to finish, and way back in November, I posted about needing to run again. Well I actually started not long after that post and have stuck with it!! I needed that little bit of reinforcement – to see that I am making an improvement.
I also had a draft post about a running plan going (which has been retrained into this post). So far this year, I have run one 5k, with my darling sister-in-law. As a coping mechanism for her while my brother is deployed and a way to fit back in my jeans (and stay there) for me, we have decided that we are running at least one race per month. We are starting with 5k’s because they are cheap, easy and the closest thing you can get to instant gratification in the running world.

There’s an energy that you get at any kind of race that carries you through a slump. It’s encouraging and addicting. After my Narrows run in August last year, I went through some post-run blues. I had been warned about them, read about them, and (like post-partum depression) I thought I wouldn’t “get” them. Ever the invincible one, I was proven wrong. Again. You think I would have learned after three kids that post-stuff is real! So, I warned my sis-in-law, and she (being smarter and more cautious than me) decided that the only way to avoid that awfulness was to make sure we kept on keeping on every month.

This month we are off to Seattle for a jaunt around Lake Washington, with three little ones and a stroller. Next month, it’s a St. Paddy’s Day run. We have ideas and grand plans of increasing to three or so half marathons in the summer/early fall. I am so excited.

But, my calves are ticked. They want a banana and a rest.

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