Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Have to Start Running Again

There, I said it. 

I started NaBloPoMo to force myself to write more and put myself out there so that people would hopefully read my blog and give me some feedback.  Now, I have just spent some time on Blogher reading blogs about bloggers who suddenly quit and leave their readers hanging.  I want to give props to those bloggers who have been writing every day.  I started late and am still "behind".  Only four days in a row, and I am starting to get nervous and worried about what I should write each day.

I just read a blog entry by Emily at on how she wants to train for a marathon again but is working through her own nerves about the commitment.  And I was right there with her when I read it, thinking ME TOO.

It has been over 90 days since I ran the Tacoma Narrows Half.  I didn't win of course (not even close, in fact some ninety-year-olds and a couple moms pushing heavy jogging strollers totally passed me up), but I didn't do super bad.  I came in just under my goal time for my first half.  I was in the groove, loving running and feeling great.  After the high of finishing and getting the cool glass and free chocolate milk, I let the blues get to me, and then life... and now it has been months since I have run.  And I miss it.  I want to start again, but I am dreading the first few weeks. 

Right after the half, another reason I felt so good was because I had conquered the hill by my work.  It's not just any hill.  It's a sneaky, long, sloping, awful hill that tries to tear your leg muscles in half.  I just about died so many times on that hill.  And now I have to start over again, and this time in the cold and wind and rain.  Boo hoo.  Poor me.  Or I can take the wimpy, winter route and run on the treadmill in the garage, with the dog and cats staring at me with pity in their eyes. 

All I know is that it is time for me to start running again.  I loved it, and I miss it.  So, expect some kind of running update from me occasionally.  And maybe even a history of my on-again, off-again relationship with running.

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  1. You can do it! Now that I don't have hills like the one you mentioned...I miss it : )

    P.S. I responded to your comment on my blog. Link away!