Friday, December 2, 2011

Cast Iron Update and Giving a "Cracked" Pot

Here is an update on the skillet below from this.  Isn't it beautiful?  This is after two rounds of seasoning in the oven with Crisco.  I got a little crazy trying to clean this thing off.  Blowtorches (REALLY) and screwdrivers entered the picture.  I could have blown myself up or gotten a serious puncture wound. 
But it was worth the risk. 

As a side note... I think I may have mentioned that Jason is feigning interest in this whole drawn out process... Today, we were on the phone and I asked him if he had looked at the newest layer of seasoning on the pots in the oven.  A brief discussion followed... you know, statements like, "They're not finished YET?" and "Are you serious?"  And then he said, "I hope by the time this pan is done, it's so non-stick that it just slips out of our hands when we set it on the burner."  I love my husband.  He will receive his dose of sarcasm in return.  When he least expects it. 

Onto the cracked pot story. 

Below is a picture of the saucepot that my sister had that I was jealous of .  Like any good, big sister, I stole it off of her front porch and cleaned it up for her.  I was tempted to keep it, because she said I could... 
Soaking in vinegar and water to get rid of the rust.

After soaking and scrubbing and scrubbing, I dried the pot out and started the seasoning process.  The pictures below are after about three rounds of seasoning.  I did four total and gave the pot to her this morning when I brought Leilee over to play. 

She loved it.  It was worth the little bit of elbow grease and Crisco.  I had joked that it was going to be her Christmas gift, but I am not THAT cheap.

It doesn't show up in any of the pictures, but I am worried that the pot has a crack... a tiny hairline one, right in the top half.  It survived four hours of 500 degrees, so I think it will be fine. I told her not to fill it over half full and to be careful.  You have to watch out for cracked pots; they are totally unpredictable.

She knows I am.


  1. love your "new" pots!! I have a pot that I need to clean, but now I don't know where it is, so it'll have to wait another 2-3 years until I find it again. have to watch out for cracked toilets too, they are really unpredictable and extremely dangerous! (just a random bit of info for you this wonderful Friday morning!) haha

  2. Taylor- I would replace a cracked toilet immediately! Haha