Sunday, August 3, 2014

When You Can't Even Remember the Last Time You Blogged...

The only reason I know the last time I blogged was because my posts are dated.  If I was an awesome blogger with a ton of followers, everyone would have thought I had met a tragic end and been worried.
Thankfully, it appears no one is worried, and my sudden split from social media didn't seem to impact anyone at all.  Looking back, I know I have this pattern.  Every year it seems I take an unplanned vacation from all things bloggy.  This year, that break happened to include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and whatever other media I have as well.

My break has been a good one, and I don't think I'm fully back yet.  I just needed to remember what it felt like to sit up late at night in front of a glowing computer screen, hearing nothing but the tick tick of the keys and the humming of the fish tank pump.

I'm on a ledge.

Life with my kids and husband has been number one.  Work sucks a lot, and it takes all my energy to get through that and still be on the ball at home making the best life I can for my family.  My cyber world has had to take a back seat, along with my fitness (I'm thinking the two have become interdependent).  There isn't a single thing in the last six-ish months that I would take back.  I've done my best to choose Jason and the kids first.  This summer, we have jumped at every opportunity to make memories and get outdoors and in the dirt and the water and the sunshine.  But I am starting to miss the way blogging motivates me.  I'm missing the cyber camaraderie that gets me out the door so I can post a workout and give kudos to others doing the same.  I'm sitting on the ledge because I have got to figure out how to keep what I have and fit in what I miss.

Who else struggles with finding a balance?

My kids could care less if I finish a blog post on any given day or not.  They love to run with me, but they won't read my Flipbelt, Vivobarefoot, -fill-in-the-blank- review.  And, I am...sadly... not so awesome these days at juggling a million things.  When I stay up late to get a post finished, I am snappy with my kids and too tired to do good things the next day.

Am I... *gasp*...getting old?  Is this what happens?

Whatever is wrong, I am working on sorting it out.  I'm scooching my butt closer to the edge.  The leap will happen soon enough.

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