Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 1 Recap - Active Living Challenge

My fitness, like my blogging, has been sorely neglected lately.

In true perfect timing form, Fit Approach and Lorna Jane started an Active Living Challenge!  August is seriously our craziest month of the year, with 4-H obligations at the county fair, a birthday, football practices beginning, and the prep for back to school and church activities starting up in September.  Not to mention gardening and harvesting and canning.  But I am gonna keep on keeping on and this challenge has been a great way for me to think about fitness and healthy food every day!

Day one got me planking again.

Day two was a great dinner - all home grown and harvested.  I followed the instructions in one of the Costco cookbooks for pan frying the steelhead.  The green beasn were sauteed in garlic and olive oil.  I splashed in fish sauce and soy sauce somewhere during the saute process.  They were amazing.

Day three we went on a family run.  I love family runs.  I love seeing my kids excited about running and pushing themselves.  Connor was frustrated because it was his first time running post broken heel, and he learned a hard lesson about fitness and what happens to your body when you've taken a break.  Jason and I were reliving that experience as well!

Day four I made eight batches of pizza crust... prepping for fair meals and quick dinners after football practice.  Food prep in my kitchen isn't always quiet, but it is definitely calming.  Being prepared for dinners and lunches reduces my stress level exponentially.  My KitchenAid just makes the work easier!

Day five and six and seven I have spent gardening and cleaning out the duck pen and the chicken coop.  I worked up more of a sweat moving wheelbarrows of duck manure than I did in all my running this week!  We've had record "hot" weather here. It's in the 80's and 90's, and we are all dying.  I know... we are wimps.  But, my post workout sweaty selfie was post wheelbarrow workout!

This week is our county fair.  Life is going to get insanely crazy with barn duty and kids' fit and shows and auctions and activities, but I'm staying in the challenge!

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