Sunday, February 23, 2014

Move Nourish Believe Challenge: Week Three Recap

Week Three: Believe

2/17: Spoil Yourself! - Do something just for you 

today! Take a walk, go to yoga, spoil yourself!

I loved that Monday was President's Day, and we didn't have to work.  I spoiled myself by sleeping in.  My hubby had to work (poor him), and the kids wanted to stay with Grandma.  I hardly knew what to do with myself the night before... but boy did I enjoy those extra hours of sleep! Aside from taking solo shopping days or getting long run hours all to myself, sleep is my favorite activity.

2/18: 5 Mindful Minutes - Do good to your body, 

meditate for 5 minutes and find your zen.

Without a doubt, I know I need more mindful minutes.  And I know that my mindful minutes should be spent reading my Bible or praying.  Yet, so many times I spend doing busy work around the house or zoning out on the computer or watching some mindless episode on Netflix.  Not good uses of my time.  This was a good reminder day for me.  I spent time reading in Psalms and then spent time studying up for my girl's group on Wednesday night.  

2/19: Be Happy - Show us your happy place!

My happy place is home with my kids.  I spent a long time looking through my phone for pictures of a favorite run or of all of us at the beach or on a trail or out visiting someone, and every time I ended up on a picture of the kids at the house, I immediately felt this little rush of joy and longing.  Hands down... I'm happiest at home with my kids.  Ironic that I am a working mom who travels and spends more time away from home than the normal human... but, maybe that's why I appreciate it more.  This was a good reflective lesson.  I know I won't be a stay at home mom, but I know that I am making every effort to make the most of the time I have at home with my kids.  And, I hope they remember those good times the same way that I do.

2/20: Thankful Thursday - Let us know what you 

are thankful for!

Seeing everyone's thankful posts and thinking about what I was the most thankful for inspired me to start a Thankful blog post... but life got in the way, and I haven't finished it yet.  Thursday night, my husband and I went through the kids' memory boxes looking for handprints.  He is getting a tattoo done with all the kids' handprints, and he needed some for the artist to reference.  I spent the whole day listing thankfuls off in my head, but as soon as I saw my boys' kindergarten handprints and photos from their first year at school, I had to post how thankful I was for those memories. 

2/21: Share the love - S/O to your #1 


This last few weeks, I have spent time every day doing some kind of workout, taking random pictures, making sure I had posts done each night.  Never once did my husband complain. Jason is no doubt my #1 supporter. He encourages me in my running goals.  He runs races with me. He helps make sure I follow my training plans. He participates in random health kicks and diets.  He spent all last week bragging about how his wife completed a Level One Gladiator workout (which made me feel pretty awesome).  

Overall, I really liked this week.  I'm the first to look at diet and exercise when trying to get healthier, even though I should know that my heart and mind need to be in the right place to truly be healthy.  I'm thankful that this challenge helped me to remember this.  I'm sad that the challenge is over, but I am excited to have completed each day and remained strong.  In the past I have started challenges and faded away towards the end or not completed at all.  It's a good feeling to have finished each day and given each day a good, solid effort.  I'm excited to keep moving forward and to keep finding new ways to challenge myself each day.  

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