Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Night Football

I am blessed to have married a man who doesn't watch any televised sports.  Maybe a Superbowl at someone else's house.  We don't have cable or satellite.

I am so blessed.

But, our boys play Little League... so our life is all about football.  Practice, practice, practice.  Game, game.  Practice, practice, practice.  And so on.

Tonight they brought the whole bundle of kids, football players and cheerleaders, out on the field during half time at the high school home game.  I must admit, I like a little Friday night Forks football.
And tonight was a good night to be there.  We beat a team we haven't beat in a decade!  Our nemesis. The kids were pumped.  My husband was excited to watch a good football game.  And I did my own little bit of cheering tonight.

Tomorrow is more football.  Little League all day long.

But now....  Now, I'm researching how to dry and roast sunflower seeds.

Maybe we'll eat them at next weekend's games.


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