Thursday, October 3, 2013

Falling Behind

Apparently my "draft" Wednesday post didn't publish on time.  Ooops!

Sometimes I feel like I am falling behind in everything, and it doesn't just have to be during the fall.  When I'm on top and keeping meals planned and lunches made and laundry done, I start to worry about which ball I am going to drop.  

Today though, I decided to embrace falling behind... not so much on housework, but on my personal running goals.  I had finally started again, and was excited to keep moving forward...  Today was a nice day.  The boys had practice, and I was hoping to drag Leilee to the track so that I could get some laps in.  When we got to the school doors to change, they were locked.  Now I could have walked around or found someone to let me in, but instead we decided to play.  

I fell for my daughter.  She didn't want to run.  She wanted to play.

We played on the swings and the jungle gym.  We slid down the slide, we climbed up the slide.   We played tag.  We ran up and down and all around.  Then we rested and built rock and grass hills and mountains and secret hideouts and ponds for ducks.  I watched the boys practice and visited with other moms while our kids played together.  

I got a little bit of a workout, but that wasn't even the best part.  We laughed and screeched and just enjoyed being little kids together.  Sometimes, falling isn't so bad.

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