Friday, August 9, 2013


Here it is.  I've read many Five Minute Friday posts, and always felt like I didn't have the time (5 minutes, I know...).  But today, I'm feeling game.  Like I've already stayed up this late... a few more minutes isn't going to hurt.

So, my very first Five Minute Friday entry:

Start: 11:26 p.m.

I'm tired.  My eyes hurt from crying.  I'm in my sweats on the couch, listening to the humming sound the refrigerator makes.  It's louder when it's silent.  The fish tank tries to be louder, bubbling and clamoring for the attention of my ears.  If I would get up off of this couch and add water, it wouldn't have a chance.

Lonely.  Even when I'm surrounded by things I should be busy doing.  Tackling the mountain of laundry. Cleaning up the clutter.  Maybe if I moved around a bit, I wouldn't have time to reflect on the loneliness my heart has felt over the past few days.  There's no real reason for it.  If we could list the real reasons one would have to rightfully feel lonely... Mine wouldn't be on the list.

It's the ache of feeling confused.  The pride that stops me from sharing too much.  The agony of trying to fix things on my own.  I've made my lonely.

But I'm singing out because God is my Comforter.

End:  11:31 p.m.

It's technically not yet Friday here on the West Coast, and I've already posted for Thursday.  So I'm going to let this one sit while I actually tackle a little bit of the laundry I just wrote about.

If you want to join up with Lisa-Jo and others... click this link.

Happy Friday!


  1. Great first Five Minute Friday post. I felt like I was right there with you. Only because the sweats, the couch, the humming refrigerator and the hurting eyes are all too familiar. I usually add a cold glass of milk and some brownies to go with mine. =] But be encouraged, you know and have Someone to turn to, and He is the great Comforter. (psst…the brownies do help a little);]

    1. Thanks! I'd already eaten my ice cream ;)