Sunday, June 9, 2013

So I Took a Few Months Off

That I did.

It was unplanned, but here I am.... staring at a neglected blog.  Sarah Markley backed me up in her recent post...  And that's how it happens.  Life gets crazy.  Or, should I say, crazi-ER... and the things we think that we hope to do end up being the things we drop as we try to juggle the things we know we have to do.  This blog being one of the things I dropped.

I also dropped cleaning my house, painting my toenails, and pulling super late nights... like the kind of super late that I choose to stay up and blog instead of sleep.

There were things these last few months that contributed to blogging frustration and avoidance.

My inability to keep up with all things social media, for one.
I tweeted, instagramed, facebooked, blogged and juggled other weird sites to help me stay connected to other blogs and bloggers.  My Google took over my life and my phone and started making circles everywhere.  The next thing I knew I was trying to start a Tumblr account.  Can ANYONE explain that to me?  My mind was spinning with passwords because I don't trust password keepers, and all of the sudden my blog was constantly getting hacked into and I was posting crazy ads and email posts to help royalty in other countries send their money to your Swiss bank account, for the love of the Dear Lord Above.  By the time I got it all under control, I had forgotten my own new passwords, and I spiraled into a 2-step verification depression.

Time, for two.
I have never really had enough time... but I took on new work responsibilities for a few months and really started to feel like all I was doing at home, at work, and in life was chasing my tail.  I had great things going on... but I didn't have the time to record it all.  When I did have time.... there were other things, like my kids and my family (in real time) that took priority.  When the day ended, I was wiped out.  The little time I had left, I decided to use sleeping so that I could be ready for another day.  I am so sorry, my dear cyber friends.

Ducks, for three.
And chickens, chicks, pigs, quail and bunnies...  although, I really don't care about the bunnies.  We had a racoon eat all the rest of our chickens... in a slow and torturous two week period, we went from five, healthy, laying hens and two roosters to none.  Zero.  Mangled and eaten by a three legged raccoon.  No joke.

Well, missing front paw or not, she won't do that again... 

but the second raccoon did.  
And s/he is still freely roaming about the woods staring sadly at our triple-fortified coops and cages.

So, we had to get some replacements.  But our replacement chickens multiplied and mutated into some quail, some 4-H bantams (because who doesn't have time for 4-H?), some ducks (that I adore because they waddle and eat slugs), some pigs... (that we will definitely find time to eat this winter), and some bunnies (that my husband wants to eat too, but that our kids just want to love and pet).  I will also be writing a divorce blog about some sheep my husband is getting in the near future.  Animals suck up time.  They are fun and surprisingly relaxing.... but they demand food and water and fresh bedding now and then every stinking day. This could probably be classified under time... time sucking mammals.

Another time sucker was my marathon training and diet discoveries along the way.  I finished.  YAY!! Last Sunday... North Olympic Discovery Marathon... but I didn't find time to blog about my training or my diet.  About having blisters so bad they bled through my shoe (only once, and it was my fault).  About my favorite GU flavor (peanut butter).  About awesome coconut water from Zola and Bare Fruit apple chips that I still need to blog about.  About bailing on training and only running 18 miles as my longest run because I just couldn't make the time I needed to run when I should have.  About already thinking about when my next 26.2 will be and where to find the dumb magnet for my car and time to train the right way.

Oh, and our garden.  Our garden sucked time.  But, I wouldn't trade the warm, rainy Mother's Day I spent planting seeds in fresh mud with my hubby and kids for anything... even a blog post.

I've missed a lot of posts.  But I think I can start again.  Slowly and in a carefully verified manner.

Thank you for returning and not thinking I'm a total quack for abandoning this blog for so long.

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