Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gearing Up for Running "Season"

Okay, I know it's technically "running season" all year round, but for me and my husband, it starts the end of January or middle of February when we begin officially signing up for the races we are going to run each month.  Through the holidays, I kind of slack and don't really have a big run coming up.  But March through October, we've got a schedule.

Here's what we have planned so far:

March 3 - Hot Chocolate 5k in Seattle!  This is my first Hot Chocolate run, and I am excited!  Mostly because we get chocolate at the end, but also because the sweatshirt is awesome.

March 16 - St Paddy's Day 5k in Tacoma.  We ran this last year.  I had trained (half-heartedly) for a 5k and accidentally signed up for the 10k... so I ran it anyway.  Not smart.  I died.  And I wore an actual sweat shirt, which was also a bad idea.  It just soaked up the freezing rain and made me heavier and more miserable.  Hated that run.  Loved the shirt.  I still wear it all the time.  This year, it's a family affair.  The boys get to run, Leilee gets to ride.  I'm hanging back with my preggo sis-in-law, and we are going to go hide somewhere warm when we are done since Jason is running the half.

March 20-31 - Jelly Bean Run.  I love Run with Jess' virtual races.  Last year, I ran the Cupcake Run with a friend, and we had a really good time.  So, I'm doing a 5k and eating some Jelly Belly's at the end.

April 20 - Trout Lake Half Marathon.  We ran this race last year.  It's one of my favorite.  Last year, this was the race that taught me there's no shame in being last place.  My sister-in-law hurt her knee at about mile 8, so we walked the rest of the way.  We didn't want a DNF, and we were pretty much alone with the cows, so we hoofed it.  Hahahaha.  This is a remote, hometown run that helps the kids raise money for really cool service learning field trips.  And they'll wait for you, even if you are WAY last.

May 19 - Rhody Run 12k in Port Townsend.  Okay, I'm going to say it.  I love to hate this race.  It's an awesome, hilly, scenic run.  I ran it last year.  I loved it because I ran with a girlfriend, and we had a blast.  I hated it because Port Townsend is odd.  And they know it.  They can put on a pretty cool race, with a pretty cool shirt, but I was not impressed with the overall 'tude of most of the runners.  Yes, I said 'tude.  As in attitude.  There were a lot of rude people.  Runners who jostled and pushed at the start line and for the first two miles or so.  Onlookers who thought it was funny to throw water balloons at runners on a cold, wet day.  It was weird.  But, I'm giving this race another chance.  Because it's my "girlfriend" run.  And because I'm hoping there will be better manners this year.

June 2 - North Olympic Discovery Marathon.  Ack! I am freaking out!  This will be my first full marathon.  And of course, Jason just has to run it too.  Can't have that over his head you know.  However, I am perfectly happy to let him hold every Tough Mudder he ever does over mine... oh well. It'll be nice to have his support, at the finish line, after he leaves me to eat his dust.  Yeah, I am excited, but I already have gastric distress when I think about it.

July 4 - Forks Old Fashioned Fourth of July 10k.  Yep.  I got an awesome tie-dye T last year.  This is a fun, hometown run too.  It raises money for Relay for Life.

July 18 - Quileute Family 5k Fun Run.  This is another hometown run that all the kids do with us.  It's usually raining.  Last year, it poured!  This run raises money for the Diabetic Support Group in La Push.

August 3 - Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon.  This could be my all time favorite race.  I've run it for the last two years.  Jason has run it three times.  I love it because it's in my college town.  Because I get to run over the Narrows Bridge.  Because I always forget how hilly it is until I'm actually running it again.  And because it was my first half marathon experience.  I know those are fragments.

September - You Go Girl?  I'm not sure about September.  I ran You Go Girl in Tacoma and loved it.  It was my half PR.  But I'm not sure yet.

October - Jason has the Tough Mudder this month, I think.  I want to try the North County Wine Run, but we also might get a chance to run with Jason's brother and his wife.  She wants to run the Girlfriend's Half in Vancouver.  So, we'll see.

October 14-21 - Hoping Jess has her Cupcake Classic again.  I'll be there!

November -  I am going to find a Turkey Trot.  Or make my own.

Christmas - I missed the Reindeer Run in Port Angeles last year, so maybe we'll check it out.  Or I'll stay home and eat Christmas cookies.

What runs do you have planned this year?

What kind of Christmas cookies do you bake?


  1. Good luck with all your runs!!! Sounds like you have quite the busy schedule. ♥


  2. I am looking forward to my first 5 K in Portland in April. it is The Run for the Roses. Shandra and other family will be joining me. It will be for my 49th birthday celebration. Then in August we are going to McLeary and do The Run for your Life.