Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday

I'm heading over to Whispering Writer today with a link-up.  As I was reading her Hey, It's Okay post this morning, I kept thinking of my own for today...

Hey, it's okay...

* to secretly want your child/self to be mildly sick so that you can call in sick to work (don't judge, I've talked to at least one other equally heinous mother who had that very thought this week).  Just a 100 temp or a bad cough... nothing super serious.

* to take looooong coffee breaks after every household chore so that you can sit and catch up on your favorite blogs.

* to only clean out your hall and linen closets once every few years and only because you had an awful "Hoarderesque" dream the night before.

* to buy a book for your daughter that you secretly wanted more (Title = Shoe-la-la!  How could I not?).

* to spend more money on your running shoes that any of the boots in your closet.

* to be really excited that your husband bought you a salad spinner as a gift.

* to let your couch become a laundry monster... and stay that way for weeks....

* to sit as far away from the laundry monster as you can while you write a blog post instead of  folding clothes.


  1. I don't take coffee breaks but I do take diet coke breaks ;)

  2. I'm not a runner, but I spend more money on my tennis shoes than any other in my closet as well. Yeah, It's OK!