Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tacoma Narrows and a Review (for Women Only)

Just this last August, I ran my second Narrows Half Marathon.  This year, my husband ran the whole way with me.  He kept me motivated and even let me cross the finish first!  I came in at 2:30:31.  An 11:29 minute average.  I'm not a fast runner, by most standards, but I have been getting better and faster with every half.  I beat my last year's time by almost 9 minutes, which was an awesome feeling.  I also ran in my Vibram Five Fingers Speed , and I loved every minute.  It's the run across the Narrows, the endless hills, the great people, and the feeling of being back in my college town.  It all melds together into an experience that I can't describe and just can't get enough of.  I'm already looking forward to next year.

I can't figure out how to include a running picture from ontherunevents...  but you can see them here.  My favorite ones are the bunny ears.  

Here is a picture of me and my sister-in-law with our awesome medals and post-run sweat glow.

And here is me before... much less sweaty.  Jason was such a great support.  I was kind of freaked out about injury, since I hurt my calf after going too fast downhill last year.  Thank goodness it wasn't serious, but it really psyched me out.  

So about two days before the run, I started to get that funky feeling.  The I-think-it's-going-to-be-that-time-of-the-month-but-I-really-hope-not feeling.  Because I have the Mirena IUD, I hardly ever have a period.  And when I do, it's really light.  But not so light that I can comfortably run 13.1 miles without some kind of woman product to help me out.  Normally I would have been really irritated.  Well, I was irritated simply because it was that time of the month, but I wasn't irritated that it was that time of the month.  I was a little excited.  

I was excited because this was the perfect time to try out the Softcups that I still hadn't written my review blog about.  I had tried them already since receiving them, and I was totally hooked.  But I hadn't felt like I had truly given them a good test "run" (pun intended).

I love that the Softcup is a no-brainer product that lasts all day.  I totally forget that I am on my period.  You can't feel a thing and there isn't any worry about leaking.  I like knowing that I can get up in the morning, insert a Softcup and not have to think about it again until after I am home and in my sweats.  No more sneaking tampons into the bathroom in my pocket or up my sleeve.  No more panicking when I realize I've forgotten to restock my purse on a "heavy" day. But, like I said before, I felt like my review might not be that great for someone else to read since my periods are relatively light and worry-free anyways.  What a better way to test this product out than on a big, long run.  

So, race morning, I inserted the Softcup as usual and completely forgot about it.  No really, I totally and completely didn't have to think about it at all.  I used the port-a-potty twice before the race and then didn't stop at all during the run.  Not once did I worry, feel anything, or leak.  It was like I wasn't on my period at all.  I have had to do long runs with a tampon in before, and I really hate the feeling like it is moving or not in quite right.  And I don't even want to think about what a run would be like with a pad....ugh!  

Now that I have tried Softcup multiple times, for regular non-exercise days and on my longest run days, I am 100% sold.  I will not be going back to any other kind of period protection.  I am not going to try and explain how to use this product, because the Softcup website already does a great job.  

Whether you are a runner or not, whether you have light periods or heavy periods, if you are tired of your current period protection, I would recommend giving Softcup a try.  

Disclaimer:  I am being compensated by Evofem (makers of Instead Softcup), however the opinions expressed in this post are exclusively mine. 

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