Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reinventing the Wheel(barrow)

I have been so "absent" lately... And I'm feeling guilty that when I do post, it's a book review.  Hey, I love books, but it's got to get a little old after a bit.

So many things have been happening.  We are constantly on the go.  Constantly.  So much that I need to find faster ways to keep in touch and document life for a while.

I have so many unfinished posts.  In draft and in my mind.  Soon.

For now, I am tweeting and trying to tumble.  To catch up on documenting creations and daily life.

My alter egos are multiplying.  I hope I don't develop dissociative personality disorder.

This blog won't stop... it's just lulling.  Relaxing in a hammock, not too concerned that the world is passing it by.  Slightly jealous that I have left it to rest alone while I tweet with the birds and tumble in the yard.  Soon, I will return to a slower pace.  The kind that enjoys a good yarn or a leisurely stroll.  The occasional rant.  Quiet reflection.

There are so many varied things that I want to be writing and documenting, that I am just a little overwhelmed about how to do it all.  So, I'm doing nothing.  Makes absolutely no sense, but that's generally how I work through my messes.  Like a good, jumbled up, heap of laundry.  Right now, I'm just washing it all and adding more to the pile.  (No, really.  My washer and dryer have been going all day, and we don't have a couch to sit on.)

I'm going to play with my layout, reorganize the drawers (if you will allow the laundry metaphor to continue just a little longer) and clean out my closet.  Might as well deal with it all at once.

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