Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No one. Ever.

I made myself get up and run this morning.  Even though I was on a three hour jet lag and it was over 80 degrees outside.  Even though my bed was so cozy.  The Narrows 1/2 isn't very far away, and I am so not even close to as ready and trained up as I wanted to be.  Runners can't procrastinate.  So I remembered all the motivational things I've seen on Facebook about regret and how no runner ever says they really regretted that run.  So.  I got up.  I ran a slow and sweaty 3ish miles on the Rock Creek Park Trail in DC.  There were lots of people out, so it felt perfectly safe (I have a lot of people give me a hard time about running in the city alone when I'm here on business). 

And I didn't regret it!  And I felt good!  And then, just because stress has followed me here, I ran again tonight.  On the stupid treadmill, but I ran nonetheless.  And I didn't regret that either!  2.25 more miles. 

Thanks to all of those runner bloggers who have kept me motivated by sharing their ups and downs of running!  More than one of you have posted the No one. Ever. thing.  It sure helped me out today!

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