Thursday, May 3, 2012

Apocalyptic Potatoes

Just this last weekend, I was with a group of women at our church kitchen preparing for the Missionette's Honor Star Crowning Ceremony. 
But this year, I had a special plastic bag on the counter for all of the vegetable and fruit stems and peelings.  For our pigs of course.  At the end of the night, as I stuffed decorative leaf lettuce in the bags, I mentioned how excited our chickens would be for a little of the lettuce. 

Jen: "You have chickens too?"
Me: "Oh, yes... chickens, pigs... we're a regular farm these days."
Jen: "My husband is talking about wanting chickens."
Me: "Well, keep him away from Jason, or he'll have him talked into them pretty quickly."
Jen: "Ahem, I think he's the one that started it."
Me: "Oh great.  I am SO sorry."
Sarah: "Now, Nicole... you knew Jason was a farmer when you married him."
Me:  "That's the problem.  He was NOT a farmer when I married him.  Not even close.  No one told me people change!"

Women: "Haha. Hahahahaha."

We had fun that night, and all of our "husband-bashing" (as Jason calls it) was in good fun.  We didn't mean any of it.

But really... I didn't know that my husband would turn into a farmer.  I gave in to the argument for pigs.  I finally caved to the incubator and the eggs that hatched into chicks.  I even advocated for a bigger tub for them to live in while they are occupying part of my dining room until they are old enough to go outside.  We have worked together to create a compost bin and a garden.  I agreed to the red worm tubs.  I put my foot down about goats and we agree to never own cows... but I sometimes worry.

He alway begins with something like....
'I'm no apolcalyptic zombie junkie...but
  • Someday, I hope we can be totally off the power grid.
  • We should really look into a water wheel for the creek.
  • This amaranth is supposed to be a really good grain.
  • The potato starts I got from this guy at work (who is an apocalyptic zombie junkie) are supposed to have twice the protein of regular potatoes.
  • If we could get that other five acres, we could easily have a bunch of goats up there.  They'd clear out all the underbrush in no time.
  • Did you know that there are guys who are storing 100's of pounds of rice and beans in their garage?'
I jest.  Jason won't ever become an apocalyptic zombie junkie....


  1. Have you ever watched Doomsday Preppers?? Maybe they're onto something!

    1. Oh no! There's a show! If it makes it to Netflix, I'm sure we will end up watching it. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I hope I'm not scaring you.... haha.