Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break

This has been a glorious break.  Forget the sick kid, the sleepless nights filled with phlegm and seal barks, my frazzled, pj'd attempts to work from home, and the fact that my house has remained in an eternal state of disarray.

It's been glorious because I have been able to -
be home with my kids for a couple days,
forget about "having" to blog daily,
have Jason pick up a take n' bake pizza guilt free (we had a gift certificate),
register for the Narrows Half on opening day,
do silly things like sort through my drawers and get rid of more stuff, eat chocolate, and drool over the Nine West boots I am in love with online,
clean off my computer keyboard,
snuggle my kids a lot,
stay in my pajamas all day.

I'm enjoying this so much that I am taking April off of NaBloPoMo.  I decided.

Instead of me worrying about blogging daily, this month we are going to  -
decorate eggs and then crack them all up to make deviled eggs that look like baby chickens hatching, bake a cake for our great-grandma's birthday,
go to our awards ceremony for being big losers,
shoe shop (for the whole family... *gulp*),
celebrate Easter, in the last minute, what are we doing anyway? style that my family always celebrates things,
have a great Easter breakfast at the church with our church family,
hunt for eggs,
watch The Passion (after the kids are asleep) and bawl my eyes out,
make a chicken coop,
buy Quicken and start a new approach to managing finances,
run 13.1 miles to benefit the students of Trout Lake,
go to a baby shower,
celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up trash,
celebrate Arbor Day by planting our trees,
start our potatoes, herbs, and some other plants for our garden, 
and probably find loads of other things to do, including marveling at how fast the year is going!

It's my party and I'll blog when I want to, blog when I want to...


  1. Amen sista!! :) Your month of April will probably provide you with plenty of blogging opportunities when you're ready to blog when you want to. ;)

  2. oh, it is good to take a break! then you can recharge your batteries. :)


  3. What a great list of things to do this month! I hope you have a blast doing them all!!

  4. Happy April to you! I'm exhausted just reading your list.

  5. Sounds like a great month! (Except for the running thing, but that's just me.)

  6. Thank you everyone! I am getting an itch to write already!