Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rock the Red Pump

I'm excited to support the Rock the Red Pump project this year.  Not only because I am a little bit of a shoe freak, but also because I support any project dedicated to educate more people about topics that we oftentimes keep "hush-hush".  Like HIV/AIDS, for instance.  When I was growing up, we didn't spend a lot of time talking about sex, STDs, or HIV/AIDS.  The only time I heard about HIV or AIDS was from hyped up news programming or what my friends told me after my mom opted me out of the those kinds of educational sessions at school.  I grew up not really understanding what it was all about and being kind of scared about it. 

Yet, even with all of that, I also made some pretty stupid decisions as a teen and young adult that put me at risk of a lot of bad things.  My life operated around the "it won't happen to me" principle.  Only now do I realize how truly lucky I was that nothing tragic did happen.  However, many do not escape unscathed.  The saddest stories are of the innocents.  We must begin to speak up and fight back, louder and harder than ever before.

My hope is that this project, along with others that help, can increase the number of those who are truly educated about HIV/AIDS.  There are so many facets, that I can't begin to touch on them in this post.  What I can say is that education and awareness are key to affecting change. 

Click the links and check it out. Educate yourself now!


  1. Very interesting! I will definitely be checking into these links and finding out more about this! Thank you!