Monday, March 26, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

This is our last week on the Daniel Fast.  I am running out of vegetarian options... even though I know we haven't come even close to exhausting what is available!  I guess a better way to say it is, this is another busy week, and I don't have enough time for experimenting!  So, you all might see a few repeats in here. 

Monday - Baked sweet potatoes (I'm cooking them right now in the crock pot), roasted asparagus and brussels sprouts and a yummy wild rice/quinoa mix.

Tuesday - Quinoa cakes, corn and salad.  This is the last of the batch I made a few weeks ago

Wednesday - Dinner at Great Grandma's. We have been doing this for a little over a month.  The kids love to see her, and she loves cooking for us.  I've tried to take turns, and she won't let me.  So she'll cook something great for them.  I think Jason and I will have hummus/veggie wraps and steamed broccoli.

Thursday - Veggie tostadas and stick salad (whole leaves of romaine lettuce with sun-dried tomatoes, olives and Italian dressing drizzled on top). 

Friday - The kids are eating dinner at Grandma's.  Jason has the Men's Conference, so he gets a huge, awesome dinner.  I am driving back from Seattle and will be stopping for squid salad and a sushi roll on my way home.  Yummy!  I will also be drinking coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee...

Saturday - We weigh-in this morning!  I am nervous!  Dinner is Jason's choice.  Something involving meat and bread, I am sure.  Maybe breakfast for dinner.  We will celebrate and cheat a little on our calories tonight.  We have worked hard this last three months!

Sunday - Chowder and sourdough rolls.  More cheating.  It just sounds so good.  I will also include salad or green vegetables to keep it healthy!  I will be doing a "long" (at least 6 miles) run this weekend, so I think I will have earned it.

Has anyone else been meal planning lately? 

I received a thank you from a friend/colleague the other day for giving her some recipes and tips (and kind of a hard time), because she said she hadn't been utilizing her crock pot.  She told me that it has really changed their evening routine for the better, and that her husband is super happy about having dinner ready when they get home.  It made me feel good. 

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  1. I am passionately in love with my crock pot. It is rare week that passes without it being employed at least once.