Monday, March 19, 2012

Meal Plan Monday, etc.

Tonight we had veggie hash and Brussels sprouts.
Tuesday I am finally making the coconut curry and rice that I have been talking about.  Since we eat at the church tomorrow night, I chopped everything tonight and have the rest of the fixings in a bag to bring to work tomorrow.  Lunch break chef is my name.
Wednesday will be leftovers.
Thursday is "favorite food" potluck at the church.  I might bring vegetarian chili.
Friday is a 4-H meeting (yes, we have started one more thing) and it is taco night.
Saturday is veggie wraps with hummus.  And either fruit smoothies or fruit salad on the side.
Sunday is veggie fajita/tostadas, beans and corn.

This is the toughest year I have had fasting.  All I want is coffee.  I failed on giving up caffeine entirely, but have only been drinking black tea.  I am thankful we are on the downhill side, with only 11 days to go.  Praying that God will do great things at the men's conference.

I am also trying not to be vain and preoccupied about how giving up sugar and bread and dairy is helping with weight loss for the challenge we signed up for in January. 

So far my scale tells me that I have lost 12 pounds (first thing in the morning anyway). I am almost back into the pants I have been saving forever! That makes me very happy. 

Once I am not quite so sore (tomorrow), I'll be back on the treadmill.  First half of the year is next month!  Yippee! And yikes!

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