Friday, March 30, 2012

It Is So AWESOME When I Clean!

I love reading old blog posts that I forgot I wrote!  My life is just a funny rerun.  The same things... the same things...  January 15, 2006... March 30, 2012... the same.  Haha!

"I hate to clean. If you know me or my family, you know that we don't like to clean and that there is a HORRIBLE gene that runs in our DNA. I am fighting it with every fiber of my being, but sometimes it remains firmly embedded in my mind not to throw the shoebox away, because you never know when I might need it.... Anyway, the second part of my horrible genetic curse is that I loathe cleaning. I like things clean, I just don't like to do it; pair that with never having a moment that is really my own, and you can understand how hard it is for me to keep my house looking respectable. Oh, and our house, by the way, is the size of one of those shoeboxes I can't seem to part with, so one thing out of place and the whole place is cluttered. So, those are all my excuses for my family's messiness.
The point I was trying to make is that I do clean, but I don't clean in a normal way. There are those people who know how to maintain cleanliness, and they do it very well. They dirty a dish and they wash it, dry it and put it away. Or they put clothes away while they are still warm! Crazy, I know.
I am not one of those people, and I can't blame it on my children because my husband recalls coming to visit me in Texas and having to wash my dishes or accompany me to the laundromat while I washed 10 loads of clothes. I save my cleaning up, dreading it the whole time. But, the kind of cleaning that I do that makes it awesome is when I get FED UP, like I cannot stand anything any more, so I move furniture, clean underneath it, rearrange it, reorganize everything and work like a single-minded madman until it is done. And I am so HAPPY when it is done. I don't know where the urge comes from, but once I get it, I can't stop. It is kind of like the nesting urge when you're pregnant, but it's a lot easier to move furniture not (pregnant).
Today, I got the bug. I was slowly getting fed up with laundry. It is so hard to catch up with two kids and a husband, especially when I couldn't catch up when I lived alone! So I had about 10 loads worth folded and hidden in laundry baskets and on top of the dryer and in the closet, ready and waiting to be put away. And in order to do that, I had to rearrange the bedroom furniture, vacuum everything, reorganize my shoes and both closets and clean off the nightstand and dressers. Our room is the cleanest and neatest and prettiest it has ever been! And, the clothes I have been loathing for weeks are ALL put away, an amazing feat for anyone. After I was all done, I realized, that this urge too, runs in my family. We wait and wait to clean until we are so fed up, we can't handle it anymore and we just go temporarily insane until the entire room is sparkling. I just realized that my mom did that throughout my childhood years! It is also her fault that I am afraid of spiders.
So, one room in my house is spotless. It is so awesome."


  1. I seriously wonder if we're related.
    I seem to have that same gene. I cleaned this week and am so happy. I tell myself to keep it this way, but know, deep down, that I won't.

    1. But... we also know, deep down, that we will clean it super sparkling again! It'll just be a really long wait!!

  2. This all sounds oh-so-familiar to me, too. It's easier keeping up now that we're down to just one at home (and she's 17), but there's still enough build up that I eventually go nuts and do it all.