Thursday, February 9, 2012

Triumvirate Trivia

I just finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy.  What a great group of books!  I am not going to do an in-depth review, other than to say the books are totally worth acquiescing to all the hype and just reading.  Quietly.  If you are like me and hate going with the flow, especially in fads and pop hysteria, then no one needs to know.  Except your family when you begin to ignore all their basic needs and complete existence just to finish reading every chapter.... anyway, I am digressing. 

At the end of the final book, there was a special section where Collins thanks those who helped her finish the books, beginning with her triumvirate group of editors.  Since I wasn't mentally savvy enough at the time to deduce the whole tri- part of the word and count how many editors she named, I got all confused and befuddled by a word I had never recalled hearing before.  So I looked it up.  And I just started saying it to hear it roll off my tongue.  A nice word that a smart person would casually use in conversation.

Since I just finished a trilogy and learned the meaning of the word triumvirate, I thought I would share more trivia with everyone. 

My three favorite drinks, the ones that rule my life, are water, coffee and Diet Pepsi.

My three favorite children (and the only ones I will ever have, especially after my oldest broke down a little tonight and said I give the younger two more love) are Connor, Grady, and Leilee.  I thought I had plenty of love to go around, but now I'm worried I need to divvy it up a little more evenly.

Three painful things I have done that I never thought I would do, especially in my thirties...  wax my armpits, run a half marathon, and consider a tattoo.

That's all for now.  Three sleeping children.  Three miles waiting for me on the treadmill.  Over three hundred calories over...


  1. I have a tattoo that I got when I made my first sale to a major magazine--it was the one splurgy thing I did with that fairly sizable check. It was a rather uncomfortable experience, but I can tell you I would do it 1000 times over before I would wax a single thing. ;)

    1. I almost peed my pants the first time my sister pulled that strip of cloth. But now I am hooked.