Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl... Is That a Really Big Bowl?

Yes, we did watch the last part of the Superbowl game today.  And yes, I know what it is.  I even understand some of the rules, and I know the names of a lot of the teams.  But, we are not a sports watching family in general.  I dislike spending my time watching any kind of sports (I like to waste my time on other equally frivolous pastimes, as you all know).  It makes me very happy that my husband is not a sports watcher.  I think I might even love him more because of it.  Previous boyfriends of mine have been the kind that would watch ANY sport on television and had at least three or five different teams, sports, etc. that they HAD to follow religiously.  Seriously. 

So today, on the way home from church, we were explaining the rest of the day's schedule to the kids.  We planned to go over and watch the Superbowl at Grandpa's house after we finished some other chores.  The boys started asking what it was, and after Jason had explained the grand finale game between the top two teams of the season, Connor and Grady started to mention that they had friends who like certain teams and wanted them to win.

Grady said, "My friend likes the Monsters.  He wants them to win."

"Monsters?" I said.

"You mean the Giants?" Jason asked.

"Oh, yeah, the Giants.  Whatever they are called."

"Well, my friends want the Pear Trees to win," Connor piped in.

Ahah!  If that's not proof that we don't watch sports around our house, I don't know what is!

Disclaimer:  For those avid sports fans who are appalled by our sacrilege, we did explain that it was the Patriots.  We even explained what a patriot was and what cities the two teams were from.  And if anyone cares, we missed everything up until the end of the third quarter because our chores took longer than we wanted.  But it was a nail-biting, action-packed fourth quarter, even for this non-fan.  And I am glad the Giants won, because Jason's grandma won her $20 from Jason's dad, who thought he had it in the bag. 


  1. Non-sports family here. I've commented elsewhere that I used to tell everyone that among the Top 5 reasons I married Hubby is that he is not into televised sports--at all. ;)

    Son-One, my oldest who is 23, is becoming somewhat of a fan, having been dragged into it by his girlfriend. He's not a complete convert yet, though. The other day, they were on a tight schedule and he said, "Because we have to get back to watch a game--football or hockey. I'm not sure." (It was the Pro Bowl, I guess.)

    1. I would much rather my schedule be dictated by something like blogging. Don't you agree? It was funny though... Because we really had to finish cleaning at our rental, we missed the half time show, which disappointed me a little. We should have worked faster!

  2. We are a family of sports lovers. Not so much professional, more college. I really love the "pear trees" comment, however! We love sports, but are not seriously crazy and live our lives by the various sports schedules of teams we like. It's just something kind of fun and something that we all like to do together :)

    1. I have a feeling that when the kids are older we will watch a lot more sports. It is a good family pastime.