Monday, February 13, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

Tonight - Venison, chili beans, and Brussels sprouts roasted with garlic and bacon.  We might hurt tomorrow, but it was so worth it.  We also wrote out Valentines, and I had two bags of Skittles.  I am such a cheater.
Tuesday - Leftover vegetable barley soup from our Sunday potluck.  Maybe served with bread and butter.
Wednesday - Crockpot chicken and salad.
Thursday - Pesto chicken pizza
Friday - Jason's choice... And he hasn't decided yet.
This weekend, I am making banana muffins and some casseroles to freeze ahead.  We are running out, and that makes me nervous.


  1. I am nervous about freezing things like dinners or soups. It sounds like you've got it all down pat.

    1. We rely on dinners frozen ahead. It's really easy, and you can prepare and freeze in any portion size. It also makes a great way to give a dinner if there is a family in need in the community. Soups are a bit trickier and should be eaten more quickly.