Monday, February 6, 2012

Meal Plan Monday and Challenge Update

Tonight we had leftover quinoa cakes and green beans.  Those cakes are much better after they have been frozen and cooked later.  The flavors run together a little bit more. There were no leftovers!

Tuesday we will be eating at the church.  Probably potato soup, also reheated from frozen.

Wednesday is another church dinner.  Quesadillas and leftover soup.

Thursday will be deer steak, a vegetable of some kind and sweet potatoes.

Friday will be halibut and brussels sprouts.

Saturday me and the hubby are heading out of town to a concert!  Who knows what Grandma will feed the kids.  Probably cheese and rice cakes...  just kidding.  She does cook when they are there!

Sunday is leftover venison vegetable soup from our Soup for Sashes (Missionettes fundraiser) on Sunday after church.  I always make a huge pot of soup so that we have leftovers for dinner that night. 

So far, I have been entering calories and exercise into myfitnesspal and have lost eight pounds.  Those were the eight pounds I gained back after the end of Biggest Loser and my post-half blues starting in September.  Doesn't take long to pack them back on, that's for sure!

Jason and I looked at runs online last night.  I was sad we missed the Geoduck Dash yesterday.  That would have been fun.  Part of the plan was to run the North Olympic Discovery Half-Marathon in June, but I was bummed we missed early registration.  I can't swallow $180.00 for us to run the race, so we are looking for something a little cheaper.  Jason wants to run a Warrior Dash and/or the Tough Mudder.  I will cheer him on.  No fire, mud or ropes for this girl yet!


  1. My cousin does a Mud Run every year (sometimes twice a year). It looks fun, but I don't think I could do the obstacle part of it. And I'm not all that sure about getting muddy. lol Yay for your success so far!!
    On another note, I have chosen you for a little bloggy award. You can hop over to my blog to check out the fun! ( won't hurt my feelings if you don't want to participate, I just wanted to share the love with you.) ;)

    1. Thank you for the award! I will check it out. I have been a little self-absorbed lately and have been doing hardly any blog reading or comment posting. Bad me!
      I totally agree with you on the mud thing. Maybe someday!

  2. My brother-in-law's sister posted photos of a mud run/obstacle course thing she did with her friends. Their pants literally weighed twenty pounds by the end of it from all the water and mud they'd soaked up. Icky. She loved it though and is planning on doing it again next year. ;)