Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grace - What a Way to Show Love

This is a re-post.  Everyone else is doing it (you know who you are).  And I love you all so much, I am going to recycle an oldie.  Add a little sparkle, a couple of links, and this is a decent Valentine's gift. 

I am off to snuggle with my hubby and drink tea.

The Foolishness of Grace

"And a certain sign of grace is this.... through broken earth, flowers come up, pushing through the dirt."

What a foolish notion, grace. Who deserves it? Many feel they don't need it. Only fools understand and accept it. The educated scoff at the idea that men, the most "evolved" species with the highest intelligence would have need of God's love and forgiveness. After all, we are capable of doing good. Those of us who are positive forces in the community, who believe in the inner good of man and the power of being in balance and in tune with nature and ourselves have no need of grace. We are good enough on our own. We don't hurt anyone. We pay taxes. We put a nickel or a dollar in the little red bucket yearly. Some of us volunteer, donate our old clothes and fundraise for orphans. We have no need for unconditional love. We are educated. We majored in humanities. We realize that some choose to do bad things, but it is what we believe that determines what happens after we die. Our concept of life is what guides us. Truth is not absolute. Truth is what we make it. Those who believe in the saving blood of Jesus Christ are fools; narrow minded bigots bent on upholding absolutes that do not exist. If we do not believe in God, He will not affect us. A loving God would not allow such a cruel and tragic world. A loving God would not turn anyone away from Heaven's gates.... that is, if he really does exist. "God" is relative. Grace is irrelevant.

"And the truest sign of grace was this...from wounded hands, redemption fell and liberated man. "

Liberation? From what? Sin? We don't sin. Sin is cold-blooded, pre-meditated murder. People who go to prison are sinners. We're not. How could we be? We send money to the State Patrol and gifts to children of prisoners. We fundraise for Relay for Life. We teach our kids not to hit. The good things we do every day far outweigh the bad. That's all that really matters. Good people earn their way into Heaven by being earnest. We are offended by the Cross. We're outraged at those who claim Jesus is the only way to Heaven. We live in a modern society that has moved beyond the chains and oppression of religion. Churchgoers are hypocrites. Only fools would kneel at the Cross and weep. Only the weakest of humans would think they needed a Savior. What a ridiculous notion.

"...but the harder I try, the more clearly that I see the depth of our fall and the weight of it all, and this just might be the most impossible thing...Your goodness and mercy, making me clean. And you are holy, holy, holy. You are holy, holy, holy.... and I am wholly, wholly yours."

I have heard every argument. I have dear, dear friends who scoff at the foolishness of Christianity. I have close family that are digusted by bigotry and hypocrisy in the Church. I have attended a liberal arts college. I have argued the same arguments myself. I rebelled against God. I cried out against His solidarity and unrelenting hatred of sin. I tried to make a deal. I tried to feel good about the good I did. I tried to do it on my own. I failed. I felt empty. I was scared of death. I was constantly justifying everything I did.

I am a weak, pitiful fool. I am a sinner in need of a Savior. I sob when I think of the Cross. I rejoice in the grace of my Lord. I have given up and given in. I had to swallow my pride. I had to admit I was wrong. I have accepted grace. I have became a fool. I have never been more at peace. I have never been happier. God's grace truly is impossible, His unconditional love truly is foolish. He is the absolute. He is unchanging. His mercy never fails, His love never ends. He has made His way so simple, that it is utter foolishness.

**Listening to David Crowder Band.  Yes, I looooooove them.**


  1. What a compelling statement of your faith. Thanks for sharing it with us. (And here's to recycling--I couldn't have posted so many days in a row without it.)

    1. Thank you! Your argument for recycling was compelling for me!