Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What A....

Day.  Week.  Month.  Year... haha.  That makes me laugh because it's the same! 

Anyway, in keeping with my Eeyore tone.... I am just wiped out.  Today was the kind of day where I got home and couldn't even muster up the energy to take off my boots because my feet felt like they were now connected to the leather.  Fused by my cotton socks.  So, I sat in them for a very long time.  They'd been on my feet for over 15 hours...  I sat in my boots in my delightful, gold velour chair eating M&Ms and trying to find the willpower to stop that too.  I so cheated today.  Like 300 calories over.  But, when I was savoring that chocolatey goodness, I almost didn't care. 

My girlie and I took a late night trip to the Home Depot for a very specific paint supply that none of the stores in our town carry.  On the darkest, most blustery night of the week, I drove so many miles, humming David Crowder Band's "Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (but Nobody Wants to Die)" and passively reflecting on the craziness of this week, still in its infancy, really, while the wind threw sheets of rain and sprinkled branches on my car and the road around me.

Jason finished Esther with his Rangers tonight, which kind of made me sad because I was so excited to add to my stick diagram and get more goosebumps, but it really is his class, and I am a girl who shouldn't be butting in all the time just to tell a princess story to Ranger boys.  Maybe another time.  My mission tonight was vertical ceiling paint.

So now, I am blogging to ramble.  Blogging to reclaim my voice and keep moving forward, even when I desperately miss having the accountability of NaBloPoMo.  Blogging and trying to not even worry about major edits, because sometimes a writer deserves the freedom to skip a comma or add an apostrophe or unintentionally write a run-on sentence.  Heaven forbid I misspell a word though.  That drives me bonkers when I catch it later on, especially if my post is somewhat older and I know other people have read it and noticed and paused to question my editing abilities.  Today is the type of day that I am sure I have misspelled something. 

And it definitely looks like rain....


  1. I'm always fascinated at the late-night posters. Because just when I go to shut my computer down, I hit the refresh screen one more time and low and behold my favorite bloggy peeps are still up like me. Cheers to you and I hope tomorrow (or today in my case) is more of a Tiggerr type of day. :)

    1. Thank you! I wore bouncier boots today! I am definitely a night owl. It's my only down time really.

  2. If there's a misspelling there, I didn't catch it. And yes, Eeyore is mopey, but he's also adorable. Wishing you a bouncier week. ;)

    (PS--One of my halfway house guys is moving on this week and he came to me to thank me for everything and said, "You always come in with a bounce in your step." This is utterly baffling to me because inside I feel way more Eeyore than Tigger.)

    1. The week is getting bouncier... and I am super excited that tomorrow is Friday. Isn't that nice when we get a compliment that tells us more about the type of person others see in us? I hope what I am trying to say makes sense!