Thursday, January 5, 2012

Unencumbered Perspective

I liked the post on Periphery so much, that I decided I should have a year of the "word" myself.  I spent a good part of today letting words bounce off the walls in the back of my mind.  I had a good start because of what I read in the comment section of S.'s post.  I thought about words like 'freedom' and 'change' and 'health', but they all kind of felt like resolutions. 
Because I have a tendency to get inside my own head and go a little crazy, I started thinking about what life would look like this year if I lived like nothing was weighing me down.  I often encumber myself, adding stressors and expectations that I shouldn't be worried about.  Even when no one expects anything of me, I put something on my own self.  I am the car wreck of overachiever meets procrastinator. 
So 'unencumbered' sounds really good.  I need to shake off some extra weight.  Literally and figuratively.  And, for this post, we'll just focus on the figurative.
I kept thinking... feeling like unencumbered felt too light.  Like I needed to further define what in my life I wanted "unencumbered".  I started imagining myself quitting my job, aimlessly flitting here and there, and feeling entirely too content about sitting around and doing nothing.  A scary and wasted year.  And I can't afford to quit my job.  I need to remain somewhat "encumbered" this year!
So, I thought back over the last year and the things that caused my meltdowns and mild panic attacks and ramblings and rants.  It usually boiled down to allowing myself to be overwhelmed and drowned by silly things.  Things that didn't count and would dissolve like Alkaseltzer, if I would take the time to take one.  I was busy looking down and all around instead of looking up.  I needed to check my perspective...
That's it!  Unencumbered perspective
So.  We'll see.  I guarantee more rambles and crazy talk.  I guarantee moments of insanity.  But, I want to do a better job of unencumbering my perspective.  I Googled it.  I'm not the first person to put the two together.  Darn.


  1. Don't ever Google your brilliant ideas. If you thought of it on your own, it's yours. :) I think unencumbered perspective is fantastic! I wish you the best in working toward that this year. When you figure out how to do it, let me know! :)

  2. I picked a word this year too: resolve. Both in the verb form - as there are a few things I need to resolve; and as a noun - because I need to hold firm to my resolve in a couple areas. Good luck!

  3. @ Sarah - I like resolve! That's a good one. And smart to pick the verb and noun.
    @ S. Thank you! I have this love/hate relationship with Google. Need to work on that!

  4. I've enjoyed reading people's words for 2012. Prayers for a fruitful, unencumbered perspective in 2012!

  5. Don't let your perspective be encumbered by anything you Google. ;)