Monday, January 9, 2012

Meal Plan Monday and Random Thoughts

Tonight we had pork loin chops, steamed cauliflower and salad.
Tuesday is looking like grilled cheese and fruit and veggies.  We are eating at the church and hanging out until Rangers is over.
Wednesday is crockpot steak and veggies.  I add Lipton Onion soup mix and it's on.  So easy.  I might pack a salad for myself, since Leilee and I are at the church tonight and Jason is home with the boys.
Thursday we are having some brats and coleslaw.  There will also be salad.
Friday I am going to try a recipe for quinoa cakes.  We'll eat those with salad.

I'm eating a lot of salad.  With not a lot of dressing. 

For some reason (probably because I just paid $100 to be part of this challenge), I am extremely motivated and excited about counting calories and seeing what will tell me at the end of the day.

And just for laughs, I clicked a link on Facebook to a great post about what working out REALLY looks like.  This might be one of my new favorite blogs!

I know some of you all posted about getting healthier and/or weight loss.  How are you doing? 

Hopefully this is a year where I develop more good habits.  I have been in the habit of running before, so I am pretty confident about that.  I am now in the habit of blogging, which has been a good release for me.

One of the good habits I am working on developing with my kids is getting ready for bed a little earlier so that we have time to read their devotion and look up the other recommended Bible verses at the end.  I got them a copy of Jesus Calling for Kids on one of my trips.  The boys were so excited to be old enough to look up verses in their very own Bibles.  Bedtime is so much more calm and peaceful when we take the time to read and pray.  I just have been bad about sticking to that very good habit.  For them and for myself.  And we all need that the most to be the healthiest.


  1. I love that about bedtime routines. I think Kota and I have gotten off track, good luck with it. I am glad I can read yours too. Thanks for sharing the weight loss stuff too and meal ideas of what works for you and Jason and the kids.

  2. Doing scripture study as a family is one of our challenges. It makes a huge difference though, as you said, to be healthiest.

  3. @ Pam - It is so easy to get off track isn't it? But it is so worth it to make the effort to start it up again. You are a huge inspiration for me! You have shown so much committment and traveled such an incredible journey! Can't wait to read your posts about it!
    @ Jewels - I hope we can keep this up. It's hard to get all 5 of us at once, but even if it is just me or Jason and the boys, it is worth it. The kids really love it. They fell asleep more easily, and they were already talking about what the next night would be.