Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hey, It's Okay! - A Snow Day Wednesday Link-Up

I found this blog this morning and kind of liked the idea.  So I am listing all the things it is okay to do when you are having a snow day.  Click to Whispering Writer's blog because she explains the okay thing better than I do.  I may or may not have done all or none of these in the last two days (or at other times)...  Here goes nothing.

Hey it's okay (on a snow day)...
  • To stay in your pajamas for most (or all) of the day.
  • To skip showering, even if you have ran on the treadmill.
  • To make your family eat leftovers for dinner, even when you have been home all day and could have cooked up something fabulous.
  • To leave your kids to their own devices in the living room so that you (and maybe your husband too) can run and hide in their bedroom to play with their Legos
  • To not race to your child's rescue when they crash on the sled and are laying in the snow sobbing theatrically.
  • To steal your kid's turn on the sled because they won't stop crying about how cold and tired they are.
  • To duck every time a remote helicopter comes near you because it's already been caught in your hair once and you had to use up every ounce of self-control you had to keep from panicking because all you could think about was having to go back to work with *gasp* bangs, which you haven't had since middle school.
  • To make your kids go to bed at the same time, even when you already know they don't have to get up the next morning for school, so that you can get in an extra episode or two of Glee (or any other show) before your extended bed time.
  • To forget to hang up the snow clothes.
  • To use the dryer to dry all the wet snow clothes because you forgot to hang them up the last time the kids come back in.
  • To use old towels to block the drafts in the windows and doors because you are too cheap or forgetful to buy actual draft blocker things.
  • Post the funny things your kids are saying as your Facebook status so that you don't forget them later (since you are usually at work and rarely remember to write down the things you do hear them say).
  • Make snow cone/slushies with strawberry syrup, even though the snow (white as it appears) is probably full of toxins and pollutants
  • Secretly wish (even though you are worried about snow load on the roof, water under the foundation when it melts and floods, and other such adult nonsense) that it will keep snowing so that you can keep having snow days with your kids.


  1. The helicopter thing made me laugh bc my hubby totally does this to me!! He likes to chase me around the house with it! Crazy dude! And I am terrified that it will cost me a non-intentional hair cut (on my part that is...he has every intention of trying to attack my hair with it).

    1. The little tail rotor wrapped up my hair so fast! And all I could do was laugh. Thankfully Jason unwound me with little to no hair loss...

  2. Oo I LOVE making slushies out of snow. Yum!