Monday, December 5, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

I have been meal planning mostly regularly for quite a while.  It's almost a necessity at this house.  We are constantly on the go, and we live out of town.  Not planning ahead crushes the checkbook sometimes.  I liked the Meal Plan Monday blogs I have been seeing.  Since I write it on the calendar on the fridge anyway, I might as well share. 

So - this week... I plan.

Monday - Teriyaki venison, garlic broccoli and rice.  We haven't had stir fry in a really long time, so I might stir fry it all together.  Jason is just happy I'm not stir frying tofu these days.

Tuesday - Lipton Onion Crockpot - Deer steak, potatoes and carrots.  Salad if Jason remembers to grab it out of the fridge. (We eat at the church tonight.)

Wednesday - Leftover Love (see above).  Dinner at church.

Thursday - Steak Sandwiches with Horseradish Mayo (deer steak, sauteed red peppers, mushrooms and onions piled on a chewy sourdough bun slathered in special mayo)  We got this recipe from a Costco cookbook.  SO awesome.  We'll probably have some salad too.  Shovel dinner in and head back in to town for bible study.

Friday - Veggie quiche, fruit salad and bacon.  Yum!  (We'll see if I pull this one off.  I always want to make quiche and never really do.)

Saturday -  Use bacon that I hid from Friday so the kids wouldn't eat it all leftover bacon and ham bone from who knows when  in freezer to make ham and bean soup.  Hopefully eat piping hot soup with toasty garlic bread after we get home from getting our Christmas tree!

Sunday - Homemade pizza with loads of different toppings.  Start early enough to let kids help instead of slapping their hands asking them to go play somewhere else when they try to steal cheese.

What's everyone else having?


  1. I had blueberry muffins for dinner this evening. I hope I receive an invitation or two or three to eat dinner at my friend's house this week. Because cooking in a hotel room for one person is always a challenge. (And I love to cook!) PS...what Bible Study are you participating in?

  2. A. Quiche is surprisingly easy, particularly if you cheat and use a frozen pie crust pre-rolled into a disposable pie pan.

    B. "Leftover bacon" is a mythical thing around these parts--maybe I will try hiding it next time.

  3. @ Taylor - I made cranberry orange muffins last night... Jason said he would fold all the laundry if I would please make them. I love staying in a hotel room when I am on travel, but I can't imagine being there most of the time!
    @ Masked Mom - It's funny because I know quiche is easy. I even have a super easy pie crust recipe. Must hide bacon here. It's the only way.

  4. Oh - haha @Taylor - Sorry! I am working on Beth Moore's David study right now. It is really great... although I am a little behind right now. The other Beth Moore study I have done was Esther... and I loved that one too.

  5. I've bought her "Insecurity" book. I haven't started it yet though. I've had a friend recommend several of her study's. I look forward to starting one. I held a Bible Study at my house last year in the fall. We did some Liz Curtis Higgs' study's. One was "Bad Girls of the Bible" and we started "Unveiling Mary Magdalene" last Spring, but my group fizzled out, which was a bummer. But both study's were AMAZING!!
    (PS...I've been in this particular hotel since July, full time. My company won't let us stay in anything other than a hotel. That is why I look forward to my friend inviting me to dinner at her house or helping her cook during the week. ) :)