Thursday, December 1, 2011

100 Random Chunks About Me

1. I numbered this list first, and I messed up twice.

2.  I put on pajama pants or sweats almost as soon as I get home every night.

3. I like the taste of the coating on Advil.

4. I love my chiropractor.

5. I'm addicted to coffee.

6. I like to Google people, but I am not a stalker.

7. The snooze button is my friend.

8. One of my favorite verses is 1 Corinthians 1:25 - "For the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man's strength."

9. My Amazon wish list is five pages...of shoes.

10. My notebooks are covered in doodles.

11. The older I get, the braver my fashion choices.

12. My nose has been pierced for over 10 years.

13. I don't forward forwards, no matter what doom will befall me.

14. I am the oldest of four.

15.  Chocolate is my favorite food.  When I was pregnant with Leilee, I couldn't even stand to smell it, let alone think of eating it.

16.  I love a good, dark beer.

17.  Since the age of 14, with the exception of time off after having children or moving to a new city, I have always had at least one part-time job. 

18.  Alcoholism hidden by a strong work ethic runs in my family.

19.  I was painfully shy in school.  I found out later that there were people who thought I was a snob.

20.  I repress my emotions most of the time.

21.  My wedding ring is a simple gold and silver band.  I requested no diamond ring.

22.  I have broken off an engagement before.  We are both happily married to different people.

23.  Even though I know I am forgiven, I struggle with shame for things I have done in my past.

24.  I am a procrastinator.

25.  I had to take "math for trees" in college.

26.  "Starry Night" is my favorite Van Gogh.

27. When I offend someone or make them angry, it bothers me way more than I ever let anyone know.

28.  My face gets red and splotchy after a long, hard run or a good cry.

29.  I've had glasses since I was 6 years old and contacts since 7th grade.

30.  My favorite season is fall.

31.  I love the rain.

32.  I always write more Christmas cards than I send.

33.  I would marry Brooks and Dunn.

34.  I never floss as much as I should.

35.  Good grades were always easy for me to get, even when I didn't deserve them.

36.  I regret never applying for a study-abroad program in college.

37.  My dream trip would be to France and Italy.

38.  I wish I spoke better Spanish, but I am too self-conscious to practice.

39.  I only wanted boys... until I had my girl.

40.  Connor, Grady and Leilee were the only names that Jason and I ever picked and fully agreed on.  And we picked them all when we were pregnant with Connor.

41.  We never found out the sex or shared the name until after our babies were born.

42.  I didn't know how awesome Brussels sprouts were until a few years ago.

43.  Our favorite date restaurant is Okasan.  We gorge ourselves on sushi.

44.  Second-hand shopping gives me a rush.  There's something about getting a great deal on a new/hardly used item.  And I realized the other day, that while I had no choice as a child due to my family's finances... I have sought out Goodwills and Value Villages my whole adult life.

45.  Garage saling is an addiction.  We make a map and a route and sale all day long for our anniversary... EVERY year!

46.  I ran the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon, and my race photos were horrible.  I will never share the link.

47.  I own eleven pairs of boots, and an unnumbered number of other various types of shoes.

48.  Nine West is my favorite brand, and I still can't get a pair of this year's boots off my mind. 

49.  I hardly pay full price for non-essentials, ever.

50.  Beth Moore Bible studies are amazing.

51.  My favorite book of the Old Testament is Ruth. 

52.  My favorite book of the New Testament is James.

53.  My husband told me that he didn't think I would ever be as good of a cook as he thinks I am now.  I feigned offense.

54.  I am a sucker for girly-girl movies... like Thirteen Going on Thirty and 27 Dresses.

55.  I pick split ends.

56.  I have cut and donated my hair twice.

57.  I spent most of my life thinking thirty was old.

58.  My Bachelor's is in Art History.  I have my teaching certificate in Texas.  I completed Medical Transcription training.  I have a Master's of Education in Guidance and Counseling.  The job I have had for the last six years is unrelated to all of those things.

59.  I am a Teach for America alum.  RGV 2001-2003.

60.  I hate casinos.

61.  I am a coffee snob.

62.  Sometimes I think I am too cynical and skeptical.

63.  I worry too much.

64.  My almost constant state of sleep deprivation is usually self-inflicted.

65.  I like to use big words to confuse little children.

66.  Sometimes I am too sarcastic.

67.  There are times that I spend too much time thinking about the past.

68.  Artistic/hobby hoarding runs in my family.  I believe it is partly genetic.

69.  My current hobbies are cake decorating, beading, refinishing furniture, restoring cast iron, doodling, and blogging.  I am terrified to add more, yet strangely drawn to learning new things.... Ack.

70.  I married my highschool sweetheart...we ran into each other on accident after five years of not speaking.

71.  I practice difficult conversations when driving.

72.  I love Jason's Octo/Novembeard.

73.  Peacocks are my favorite bird, mainly because Jason hates them.

74.  I had chicken pox in 6th grade.

75.  My favorite Bath and Body Works lotions are Cool Citrus Basil and Country Apple.

76.  A guy friend in college told me I had "old lady perfume" and introduced me to Bath and Body Works.

77.  I am never totally happy with my weight.

78.  I have run off and on since high school.

79.  I smoked (Camel Wide Lights) through most of highschool and college.

80.  I had a real "fake" i.d.  My name was Jennifer.

81.  I was young for my grade and I did Running Start in high school, so I graduated at 17 with an Associate's Degree.

82.  I really don't want my kids to ever read this list, which means they probably will.

83.  We have more books than room on bookshelves in our house.

84.  My daughter looks nothing like me... at all.  Not even a bit.

85.  I am chronically disorganized.

86.  We can get ready and out the door in the mornings in 45 minutes. 

87.  I had to make an concerted effort to quit snapping at my kids while we were getting ready in the mornings.  So far, so good.

88.  We have Top Ramen for dinner when Dad isn't home.  That is the night that my kids say I am the best cook ever.

89.  I have way too many pens, and I can never find a pen when I need one.

90.  I hit a suicidal elk and totaled my favorite car two years ago.  I still get nervous driving in the dark.

91.  Every room in my house is a different color.

92.  I lived on Greek Row in college, and never had to rush or join.

93.  I wish I could play an instrument (I quit piano and clarinet).

94.  My first and only time on ice skates was last summer as a bridesmaid in a wedding on the ice.

95.  I am a really, really good friend (see 94).

96.  I was a Girl Scout leader in college.

97.  I hate elevators and escalators.  They mess with my equilibrium the rest of the day.

98.  Forgetfulness is like second nature to me.

99.  Late night snacking is my weakness.

100.  I have horrific handwriting.  And I hold my pencil funny.  But my handwriting is bad no matter what.


  1. I always wanted to get a degree in Art History, and I too took a medical transcription course (thinking it would be a great job-stay home/work). Instead I got my BSN in nursing and work in the NICU. Love my job!

  2. I am completely blown away by how many of these things we have in common. I can't even list them all!

  3. @Carolina - I had wanted to stay home after my first... it just didn't work out that way.

    @ S. - We should do a joint post! Haha!

  4. Love it! More overlap than one might imagine. Looking forward to tomorrow's post already.

  5. I'm with S. Stauss! In #19, they used the "b" word instead of snob because I was a quiet person. How in the world does quiet and "b*#&h" get confused??? And I, too, love the taste of the outer coating of Advil. Wonder who thought to do that? Okay, that was just to name of the few that I was like "OMG, me too!" :) Loved your post. Might have to borrow your idea some day.

  6. and obviously I can't write today because I meant Okay, that was just to name a few...

  7. I read #9 and thought "5 pages of shoes on an Amazon wish list...seriously?" You and my sister could be best buds. Then I got to #15 and knew I'd found a kindred spirit. :-) This is quite a list.

  8. I'm with you on a whole lot of these things. Here's one where we part ways: having the patience and energy to post a 100-item list of anything.

    Loved reading yours, though. ;)

  9. @ Everyone. Thank you! It took me more than one sitting to finish this list. I'd seen it on a couple of other people's blogs and wondered if I could even think of that many things!!
    @ Taylor - One person used the "b-word" for me too... I am really diligent in talking to my kids already about how you don't know how someone is or feels just by looking at them.

  10. Hi, Nicole! New follower. I loved reading your 100 random chunks. And my goodness we have quite a lot in common. I, too, had chicken pox in the 6th grade. And I wanted to major in Art History, had already taken a hand full of classes, but I was tired of the strange looks from people when I told them. So, I changed to psychology, lol.

    I worry too much as well and often think to myself that I am much too cynical and skeptical :)

  11. @ Kassie - Thank you! I minored in Psychology. I knew when I couldn't stand the professor, but LOVED the subject matter in my first Art History class, that I had to go for it. Did you get pox on the bottoms of your feet? I remember that hurting the worst. And missing a LOT of school!

  12. Hmmm. You know, I don't actually remember if I did or not. I know I had them inside my eyes. That was crazy. I'll have to find out about on my feet though :)

    And yes, I missed a lot of school too! Three weeks, I think it was. What a shame we couldn't enjoy the time off! lol :)