Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's in Your Purse?

I saw a "What's in Your Purse?" challenge/contest entry opportunity on my sister's blog yesterday.  And of course, I missed the deadline, but I thought I would do this anyway. 

My purse weighs exactly 6 pounds and holds a ridiculous amount of stuff.  Mostly junk that I need to throw away.  This may be part of the reason that I visit the chiropractor quite a bit.
I am also questioning my sanity today, specifically in reference to my tendency to hoard.  Looking at the guts of a bunch of other women's purses (including busy moms) did not make me feel any better.  Mine far outweighs (haha) them all.

If you really want to see all my junk, here is your chance to take a peek.  Please don't tell anyone. 

Starting with the Nine West Purse:
  • A pair of my new favorite earrings that I made a few months ago
  • Costco coupons for now (expired yesterday) and later (next two weeks)
  • Scentsy catalog from a work party last week, with my pending list
  • Envelopes (used and not used)
  • Paystubs
  • Crayola coloring book
  • Half marathon training program printed out from
  • Amish Friendship Bread recipe and instructions
  • Alaska airlines mileage card application that I am not applying for
  • Ooh – a dollar!
  • Shuttle schedule drafts for work
  • Student loan statement that keeps getting sent to my mom’s no matter how many times I change my address with them
  • Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, which is a totally awesome book so far.  I have never laughed out loud at nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality before. 
  • Jump drive from a TANF Conference
  • Old shopping list
  • Receipt from Scholastic book fair
  • 2 sticky notepads, one blue, one yellow – with a quote from Luna Lovegood “I’ve interrupted a deep thought haven’t I? I can see it growing smaller in your eyes.” That happens to me all the time - the interruptions... not necessarily the deep thoughts!!
  • 2 packets raw sugar
  • 2 packets white sugar
  • Earbuds for my phone
  • Work keys
  • Baby doll hairbrush - Leilee is obsessed with fixing and brushing the hair of all her dolls. Especially the hideous and loud Dora the Explorer doll that I "won" at a Christmas party white elephant game.
  • Offering envelope that probably holds a piece of chewed gum
  • York peppermint patty wrapper
  • Extra gum wrappers
  • Kleenex (unused)
  • Starburst wrapper
  • Lemonheads wrapper (Can you tell it was just Halloween?)
  • The Naked Bee hand and cuticle salve that I bought in Nashville TN
  • Big Cedar Lodge key card (I always steal those stupid cards on accident)
  • VSP rebate card
  • Ripped off tag from one of my scarves 
  • Wet n'Wild MegaEyes creme shadow in Champange Toast
  • Extra mint choclate chip dessert sensations gum
  • Extra sweet watermelon fruit sensations gum - I have a gum problem.  Usually I have four or five different flavors going at a time.
  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment
  • Disposable toothbrush - You never know.
  • Playtex tampon - Again, you never know.
  • Evergreen Home Loans chapstick from the Alki Beach 5k 
  • Bigelow Menthalip Shine in vanilla and mint
  • First aid pouch from Forks Community Hospital
  • Very Berry Airborne - I am so not getting sick.
  • 5 ballpoint pens
  • VSP glasses repair case
  • Colgate coolmint wisps
  • Fossil watch
  • White Crayola crayon
  • Bath and Body works Fresh Market Apple Pocketbac
  • Car keys
  • 2 peanut halves from a Nature Valley granola bar that Leilee didn't finish
  • Map of the contiguous US states from our impromptu "Can you name the states?" contest at work. I lost it and did a new one today and missed 6. It's a good thing I lost that one, otherwise I would have missed 10. And no, I didn't cheat. Although someone reminded me about Nebraska and Kentucky...
  • My daycare bill - If I told you how much it was, it would break your heart.
  • Stride ? gum wrapper
  • Large paper clip
  • Rimmel sundance bronzer

Also in the purse, I have a silver Kenneth Cole Reaction wallet, which holds:
  • Probably a pound of receipts and deposit slips
  • Smart shield sun/insect repellant sample from the Alki Beach 5k in Seattle
  • Game stop card
  • 2 Ironman muscle rub gel from the Narrows ½ marathon in Tacoma
  • Value Village receipt from a shopping trip with my grandma
  • Miscellaneous receipts and deposit slips
  • School picture of Connor
  • Christmas picture of Connor and Grady
  • Picture of Jason in highschool
  • Pink "piggies" for Leilee's hair
  • A pound of random cards and key chain cards for all those buyer clubs, etc.
  • Operation Christmas Child bookmark
  • Famous Footwear coupon that expired two months ago
  • Nametag from women’s retreat in February 2011
  • "The answer is Jesus" card from my grandma’s refrigerator
  • Wendy’s St. Jude's Frosty treat book
  • J&P Produce $10.00 gift certificate from Biggest Loser La Push
  • Bookmark my son Grady drew
  • 4 Visa gift cards with unknown balance
  • Receipts for Royal Rangers and Missionettes supplies that I need to turn in for reimbursement
  • Coffee cards from every stand in Forks and Port Angeles (I am only slightly exaggerating here.  I am a coffee addict.  I go through severe caffeine withdrawals.)
  • Joann Fabric's coupons
  • Seeds – Basil (sweet and genovese) and Oregano – for my kitchen garden window. I am super excited to grow another round of basil for pesto.  I never realized it was SO EASY to make!!

Also in the purse, I have a purple velvet pouch with a gold "N" zipper pull from an ex's mom (super old), which also holds:
  • GUM soft picks
  • Empty Shout wipes package
  • Rubber bands (or "piggies" as Leilee calls them)
  • 2 brads
  • 3 paper clips (large)
  • 2 First Act guitar picks of Grady's that I keep finding in the car
  • Business cards
  • Crystal Light lemon iced tea packet
  • Arizona peach iced tea packet
  • A back up contact
  • Tylenol nighttime cold
  • Mint julep lip balm made by Bear Creek Naturals
  • Raspberry lemonade lip balm, also by Bear Creek Naturals
  • Avon intensive moisture therapy sample
  • 2 Kirkland AA batteries
  • A black binder clip
  • An empty button ziploc, probably from a shirt
  • A weird silver tube
There you have it.  All my junk.  And I am not even getting in on the contest entry for doing this. 


  1. Nicole: YOU beat me by one pound!

    I'm going to do this. Everyone says my purses are like tote bags and I carry everything except the kitchen sink (but I NEED it! lol!).

    How fun to see I'm not the only one!

    P.S. Found you via Blogher and NaBloPoMo. Good Luck!

  2. That's a ridiculous amount of stuff. If I win the giveaway I'll give you the purse, OK?

  3. @Pamela - Haha - I didn't think it was THAT heavy either. Once I throw away the pound of receipts and candy wrappers we'll be even!

    @emilie - I want your giraffe purse. ;P