Sunday, November 27, 2011

Warranty, Warranty... Where Art Thou?

Last night, Jason and I stayed up and went through the warranty drawer(s). 

'What is that?' you ask.

Oh, I will tell you.

You see.  Jason and I are keepers.  I don't feel that we fall into the classification of "hoarder" just yet, although the sane might beg to differ.

We only keep things we need, things we might need, and things we probably don't need. 

But we are also weeders.  We weed less often than we keep, so we always have plenty to weed whenever the urge strikes.  Which usually happens two to three times a year on a long weekend.  This weekend, we have weeded part of the office, the garage and part of our bedroom (the place that will never be a sanctuary for sleep.

Back to the warranty drawer(s).  It used to be one drawer, but has slowly grown to more than one.  Whenever we buy something or are given something of any value, we keep the receipt and the information.  This time our weeding happened, not because the urge struck, but because we had to tackle the drawer to find one little receipt.  I had all the other information for the piece of expensive and crappy technology that we needed to send in for repair... except the receipt.  I cleaned everywhere else... looking.  No luck.  Our last resort (which is where it "should" have been in the first place, was I a neat and organized perfect person...) was the drawer(s).   If I had a soundtrack, that would be followed by "DUN, Dunn, DUNnnn, DUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuh" in a low baritone.  Or maybe even more appropriately, something from a Hitchcock film. 

Last night we gritted our teeth and jumped in.... and found warranties and receipts for things that we no longer even had anymore, like cameras, cars, and mattresses.  We found receipts that made us laugh, like the one for the speakers we bought in 2004 for $29.95 that just started dying the other day, or the one for Jason's very first game camera... when the addiction (his, not mine) started.  We found other things that we didn't know we had and needed, like the replacement strings for Grady's guitar that he has been complaining about for months because two of them are broken.  We weeded away two paper grocery bags full of papers and booklets and CDs we didn't need anymore and things we wondered why we kept in the first place.  We whittled almost two drawers down to half of a drawer again. And...

We didn't find the receipt we needed in the first place.  Sad face.  Oh well. 

Bonus:  We have an empty drawer for other things we want to keep!


  1. We have the same drawer! We keep receipts, warranties, etc. It has come in handy more times than we can count!

  2. Our drawer has too... the key is to keep it semi-updated!!