Friday, November 11, 2011

Three Wishes

It's not technically 11/11/11 yet, but by the time I have finished this post it will be. 

I remember playing the three wishes game with my brother and sisters when we were younger (usually after watching Aladdin), and we were always really tricky and would start out our wishlist by wishing for more wishes.  That would be followed by wishes for lots of money, a new house, all the candy we wanted, and world peace, among other things. 

Now that I am a jaded, cynical grown-up, wishing isn't that easy anymore.  I feel like it would be silly to wish for world peace or all the candy I could eat.  I want my wishes to be realistic... you know? 

In light of Veteran's Day, and remembering a post I wrote a few weeks ago about my brother leaving for Afghanistan, I know that I want to wish and pray for my brother's safe return home.  And for his brand, new marriage to stay nice and strong through this great challenge.  Shoot, that counts as two, huh?  Well, I am saying if it is a wish about the same subject and it stays in the same paragraph, then it only counts as one.  This will be my brother's third deployment since 9/11, and God has kept him safe everytime.  I can only trust that he is safe this time, too. 

My next wish is that I will notice that it is 11:11 on 11/11/11.  I have two chances, which is a relief.  I think when I am done writing this, I will also set the alarm on my phone, for AM and PM.  When I do notice, I am going to send happy thoughts to a dear friend who taught me, in middle school, that 11:11 lets you make a wish.  Which will make up for my cheater wish from the last paragraph. 

And now that I am into the spirit of things and feeling less cynical, my last wish would be for a superpower.  Remembering a serious conversation with my boys about which bending power we would want (after watching Avatar (the cartoon, which is way better) of course), I would wish for the superpower of being able to bend air.  That would make Aang not the last Airbender, which would take some pressure off of him, and once perfected by me, would make the folding of laundry go a LOT faster.  And judging by the mountain of laundry I currently have hidden in my bedroom, airbending is a sorely needed superpower. 

Unfortunately, since I know that chances are I won't be acquiring the power to bend air anytime soon, there is a good chance that I will be dealing with laundry for the AM and PM 11:11 later on today. 

Happy wishing!!

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