Friday, November 18, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

A few posts ago, I said I wanted to start sharing some of my cakes.  So here goes.  These are all from 2009, just before and right after I had Leilee. 

This was for my sister's birthday.  She had just had Cash, and we had the baby shower on her birthday, so I made her a cake too.  She loves Superman.  This was when I was only using buttercream frosting.

This was Cash's cake.  I was trying to avoid the creepy, life-size baby type cake that they always make fun of on Cakewrecks. I really like making swirly clouds.  That's where the awesome cream cheese frosting I make is the thickest.  I usually go for those pieces.  :)

This was for Grady's birthday.  He is the boy that always requests the weirdest, combo cakes.  Never one theme in particular.  He wanted a shark playing basketball and Batman.  I talked him into a Batman basketball, and keeping the whole thing underwater.  His original vision was much more complicated. 
For the shark's teeth and gums, I used pieces of saltwater taffy. 

This was Connor's request.  My sketch had R2D2 and a starfighter, but I couldn't fit them all.  This was my very first attempt at covering a cake with fondant, but I still used buttercream to draw the decoration. 

So, those are the cakes I made in 2009.  I think it was just those four.  I just noticed the blue theme going on.  I was hoping we were going to have a boy, and maybe I was a little postpartum... but actually I think I chose the blue because it either looked best or was necessary for the background.

The next thing I want to do is post cakes in progress and cover birthdays for each kid throughout the years. 


  1. I adore the baby sleeping on the crescent moon cake, and how the moon is the "C" in Cash. That is just adorable!

    I've done a few posts on cakes this year (mine tend to be three dimensional), because who doesn't love cake?

  2. Tiffanie - Thank you! I have branched out into the world of gumpaste and a little more fondant. I will get around to sharing those someday too. I will have to go check out your cakes!