Thursday, October 13, 2011


Finally.... I get to go home today (well, technically today, since it is after midnight).  I have been gone on travel for work since last Saturday.  I miss my kids SOOO much.  I just want to hug them and snuggle them and kiss their little faces.  Although, I know how it will go...

Get home after an hour of driving 2 hours on a plane, 2 hours layover, another 3 hours on a plane, 4 more hours of driving and 1/2 an hour on the ferry... bladder bursting and straight exhausted.  I will run in to kiss and hug my pajama'd darlings.  They will be happy to see me for about 2 minutes and then... "Where's our presents Mommy?" 

Haha - I have created monsters.  The last time I was gone for only three days, they were disappointed, to say the least, when I only brought home one "practical" gift. 

After I have taken a sacred moment to pee, then I will run out, get my suitcase and have them help me rip it open to find their presents.  They did pretty good this time, since I shopped my butt off each night after the conference. 

Soon after, the novelty of the new toys will wear off and there might be whining and complaining, or heaven forbid, fighting.  Thankfully, I am going to be home close to bedtime, so we will probably snuggle up and watch a movie and camp in the living room... me and my dear sweet ones.

The next day will be the day that my novelty will wear off!!  And then there will definitely be all the lovely rigors of child raising smack in my face again.  Ahh, I miss them when I am gone and I miss being gone when I am with them.  The irony of motherhood...

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