Friday, June 25, 2010

Wow - it has been a long time! Leilee's surgery went great. We also dealt with some tummy troubles with our son, Grady. After tons of tests and a few scares about what the diagnosis might have been - we found out he was constipated! It took a specialist to figure it out! What a relief. After 5 months on Miralax he gained 5 pounds and grew and inch and a half, after a year of gaining no weight and only growing an inch. I praise God for healthy, growing children!
I am almost done with my Master's degree in Guidance and Counseling, one more class and about 130 hours of internship. Whew!
Currently focusing on catching up on housework and getting back into running. Up to a mile I think... shooting for a fun 5k on the 4th of July and a more serious 5k at the end of August.
God has blessed us immensely. Jason is growing closer to God everyday. We are almost to our 7 year anniversary, and he is a completely different man than the one I married! Not that I didn't love him then... but we have both changed for the better.
The current highlight of our life is our renewed ability to go garage saling on the weekends! Since I have been in school almost every Saturday for the past two years, we have missed a LOT of sales! Just in two weeks we have gotten awesome Descoware pots and pans, a super cool cast iron crock pot, a self propelled sprinkler, a miter saw, Guitar Hero for our PS3 (I know...), lots of great kid and grown up books in brand new condition, craft supplies for my Missionettes, and some other junk we don't need. It is so much fun!!
What wasn't fun was missing a John Deere ride on lawnmower with bagging attachment for $130.00 by about 20 minutes... that has been hard to live down! Poor Jason will have to continue to push the dying lawnmower for a couple more weekends, until we find the mower we are meant to have!
Leilee is about ripping my shirt off to nurse, so I will have to post more later!! I love that she is still nursing... I worried that my baby girl and last planned child would wean herself early!

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