Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Overachievers Anonymous

There are many things I would like to do when I am independently wealthy...(read into that...!)but, nevertheless, I think there is one more thing I need to do...

I have come to the conclusion that there are individuals who strive to take on as many things as possible just to see if they can handle it. They may blame it on things like their desire to help, their inability to say no, or just plain stupidity, but I am positive that most of those individuals (way deep down) really just take it all on to see if they can handle it. Hectic days and busy nights are symptoms of an overachiever. Overachievers aren't happy with just a 40 hour a week job and a family. They need at least one church, sporting and extracurricular activity per family member to be going on. They need distance learning or online classes for a back up degree. Throw in some pets, a couple hobbies, housework, yardwork, and a blog, and they're in business.

Overachievers have this sick, twisted desire to see how much they can juggle before they drop a ball. They secretly like to "complain" about how busy they are just to hear their friends say, "Wow, you are amazing." They have a disease, an addiction. Whether genetic or environmental, overachievers grew into these adults who desperately need help... a support group, a twelve (no, fifty!) step program, detox, anything.

What will it take before they realize that they are hurting more than themselves? Their families and friends are suffering too. Has an evaluation been developed? What would detox look like? Why hasn't anyone started an outreach program for these poor, unfortunate souls?

So, I have decided... once I retire from my 40 hour per week job, have graduated with my Master's, am not teaching Missionettes at the church, don't have Bible study, kids are out of school, sports, and church activities, I am no longer beading, refinishing furniture, caring for pets or plants, my house is clean, my photo albums are finished, I have closed my Facebook, Myspace and blog pages, my rock wall in my yard is built and my flowers, berries and fruit trees are flourishing, then I am going to begin a support group called Overachiever's Anonymous.

Someone needs to help them... who else will it be?

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